Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to meee...

Hey folks!

Today I'm 23 years young! Nearly getting to those mid twenties and while I'm not quite old and wrinkly, a lot has happened since last year!

This time last year I was moving into a flat by myself and getting some decorating done. I'd had to go back to mum's after a painful break-up with my fiance since I just didn't have any faith left in the relationship. A few months later my new (-ish: I'd known him all my life and we were back together after 4 years apart) DB was helping me and I didn't actually end up spending a night alone in the flat since he never left!

Not one to be boring.... I found that we were having a baby on my niece's birthday a few days before the end of the year. Then after all our hard work, to skip a few months..., we had to move out again since it was only a tiny one bedroom flat above a pharmacy! We moved into our new rented house together and then Seth came to complete our little family. What a year!!!

What was the best thing about today? Well not the presents, but the fact I got my first "Happy Birthday Mommy" card. I may not be seeing all of my family today or going out to celebrate, but I feel that I don't really need to be doing anything spectacular. I plan to have a relaxing day (as much as you can with a poorly 13 week old baby) and maybe watch a film, do some knitting if I get chance and just enjoy the things that matter.

O.k. I do have a little bit of knitting content for you.... :o)

I finished knitting my adapted Buttony Sweater. I guess she's skinnier and such so I have a shorter version with short sleeves. I did really enjoy knitting it though! I've never done a seamless knit before and I really see the benefits of it! I can't really post any pictures since I have to get some buttons for it. I bought some buttons from Pavi Yarns which were italian etched shell in a magenta colour. However, they were too small since there was a mis-hap with the description of them. I did have wonderful customer service though as Karen from Pavi telephoned me to answer my query and is on the case finding a replacement for me!

I'd better get on and sort out the little one... if I don't get to post before the holidays, I hope everyone has a lovely christmas!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Hi folks!

I cannot believe it but I won another competition! Rooknits hosted a competition for her 100th blog post and asked for suggestions for a sock pattern. Since i love the Jaywalkers pattern i suggested that and YAY she picked me! I had a choice of either Lorna's Laces or Posh Yarns in any colour I desired! What a prize!! I chose Posh Yarns since i haven't used it before in a colour called "Tweed Coat". I shall post a picture up when it arrives :o)

I have been making aprogress with my take on the "Buttony Sweater". I have made short sleeves so that I have enough to carry on knitting the body. I think I made a few more increases so I have a larger number of stitches... so needing more yarn. However it is discontinued now so I thought if I shorten the sleeves I should have enough. If not then I'll be disappointed to frog this yarn for the second time :o(

This cheeky chappy is my lovely son Seth! He's been much better though this week his delicate tummy has not been coping so well with the weaning... though at the time you can see he loves his food!
Well I have to go get the groceries with Seth in tow so I'd better get my ass dressed if we're to have a chance of getting a trolley to put his car seat on! he's way too heavy to be carrying around! Must have him weighed this week.... I'm guessing about 14lb. let ya know how it goes. x

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wow it's been a while!

Hi there!

Sorry it's been a while but family life really does take over pretty much everything else!

I had such a beautiful surprise yesterday. My friend Fiona (it gets confusing with us having the same name... and sounds weird too!) had crocheted Seth an absolutely wonderful blanket. It must have taken so long to do and it's gorgeous!

This is the detail of the edging and flowers added.

This is an overview shot on my rug... with a hint of slipper and changing mat too!

If she reads this- a HUGE thankyou once again!

Well, I have been knitting! In the little spare time I get I have been working on a few projects and once again, I keep starting new ones and not finishing others. Ah well.

The tropicana socks got frogged for the 3rd time since there was no way my feet would fit them so I reincarnated them into falling leaves socks. However, they have now come up too big and so they will be destined as present socks for my sister. I can't really post a picture up yet in case she reads my blog though... but they are going to be in the Lorna's Laces Desert Garden colourway. A shame I'm giving away my favourite sock colours but ho hum... it'll be for christmas.

I have also been working on a few things for myself of course! I saw a pattern for a 'buttony sweater' while blog browsing. I have no idea how I got to it but I really liked it. Plus I had a load of DB Merino Chunky from the failed attempt at the fairisle cardigan from Stitch and Bitch Nation. And so... I have got to just before the splitting the sleeves off (it's top down you see) so I need to take it off the needles and onto wast yarn to try it on. Yawn. There's over 200 stitches on the needle atm so it'll take a while. What isn't boring though is the colour! I've taken a leap and done the collar ribbing in a magenta colour and the body of the cardi is in purple! I will post pictures if I manage to get much further!

Also, I couldn't resist trying out the lacy "ariel" pattern in the 'Yarn Forward' magazine. I think it's so beautiful. I have only bought a cheapy yarn for it though it is really pretty. I reckon I'll end up re-casting on for the middle size though and knitting it on smaller needles. Good thing I've only knitted 3 rows so far! The bust sizes are 32/42/52 inches. Since I'm 36 bust I'me stuck for whether I should cast on the 32 or 42 and either use larger or smaller needles. Hmmm. Usually I wouldn't bother with something so fiddly but I really want this top!

Well as far as family life goes we seem to have sorted out Seth's colic problem... he's intolerant to milk! He's been on Soya milk for about 3-4 weeks now and not only has the awful screaming gone but he's such a happy baby now it's so much better being a mom. Switching his food is still awkward though as not only is the soya milk powder expensive, it's hard to find too and one of two places I could get it from has stopped stocking it.

This morning I had such fun making him vegetable purees! Since he's such a big baby and has his appetite back I've been giving him a tiny amount of breakfast and dinner. Most of the baby foods have milk protein in so it's pretty limited on what he can have and since he has so little it isn't economical to buy jars or tubs. And so this morning I made two purees which I've put into an ice cube tray. I made 'butternut squash and parsnip' and 'sweet potato and carrot'. I boiled them until soft and then mashed them and squeezed the mash into a sieve so that only the very soft and runny stuff got through. It took ages for such a little amount but I enjoyed making something I know is good for him and has no milk or artificial stuff in it.I'll leave it a while until I add a small amount to the baby rice but he's bored of the same stuff. I might have a go with fruit for his breakfast.

Well I'd better go and carry on with the housework (double yawn) since my friend Becky from work should be coming over later. Yay- someone sane to talk to!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

small update

Hi all,
I've managed to put up a Flickr badge thingmebob in my blog now, but it hides down the bottom where, for no reason at all, my profile and blogs and stuff have migrated to. I've only got a few pictures on there atm, but I plan to put most of what knitting stuff i have in there at some point. Hurrah!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

What a week!

Hi folks! It's been such a rollercoaster week! From the depths of despair to feeling peachy... phew thank goodness it's Saturday :o)

The week starts as a generally mundane Monday- doing a lil' shopping and house work etc etc... then we get to Tuesday and I'm having to do more uni work.... the Wednesday comes and BAM!
Wednesday was horrible! I had electricity circuit breakers tripping, bills coming in, LOTS of uni work to do and being fobbed off by the local ethics comittee a dozen times... and Seth having a colic day (hence screaming and me being able to absolutely nothing about it).

Now, I've finished all the modules for my degree except 1; the damned Honours Project. I couldn't get it off the ground last year so I ended up grovelling to the course tutor and muttering about maternity leave and equal opportunities... to get another difficult time this year of sorting it all out. Basically a local research ethics comittee has to say whether you can start your project. Bloody Biomedical Science- is it worth it? No. But I've started so I may as well finish the damn thing! And so this project uses real human samples... but no results or patient data will ever be published or given to the patient or doctors... only I will have anonymous results for a project that wont hurt a fly and doesn't really mean squat to the department as they wont implement the necessary changes to policy as they will not spend money on things that matter... like staff and good tests. They spend it on the boss' new chair and paperclips.

I was forwarded on to 3 different LREC representatives before I got the information I needed and it all had to be done for friday. See why I was panicking? 57 pages of forms, protocols, C.V.s, flow charts later... I managed to get it posted. Now I just have to wait until 16th October when I have to go a Dept of Health ethics meeting up against a panel of non-scientific judges and explain a scientific project. Go figure-if they're not scientists, how can they judge my scientific principles?

So, thursday and friday I was running around my workplace and university campus handing in god knows what and getting stuff signed. Phew!

O.K. sorry about that... but it's been a week coming and I feel better having ranted to the sympathetic ears (eyes?) of the knitting community. :o)

In the meantime....
I have done some knitting. I started some fairisle mittens from the Simply Knitting magazine and have knitted 1 of a pair of Sox. I absolutely love this pattern. O.K. so there's some sewing up to do, but the construction is ingenious and being d.k. weight they're really quick to knit. I can see lots of my sisters getting gift sox!!!

I would have posted pictures, except it seems that blogger doesn't like me ranting and refuses to upload... and when I've actually taken pictures as well. Hmph! Oh, if anyone can tell me more about putting my Flickr thing on my blog I'd be grateful... and then you could see my pictures without blogger being able to do anything about it!

Lets hope I can upload them after and Seth likes his trip around ASDA. I'll just say a quick word about my beautiful son- he's gorgeous and settling a little bit more now. Can't complain as I imagined much worse, though nothing prepared me for the emotional wrenching I get when he cries and I can't do anything. (Of course I end up crying as well out of frustration.) Danny has been a great dad- he's done so much better that I first thought he would and I feel so lucky to have our little family!


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where does the time go to?!


I can't believe how two weeks flies by! I've been reading blogs in a spare ten minutes or so, but never quite had enough time to blog...! I guess that is what a newborn son does!

Well, amazingly, I have had a little time to knit! The yarn which Dawn sent has been put to good use so far:

This is the DB Cashmerino and I have at least half left over so a few co-ordinating little items will be popping up me thinks! I've made one of a pair of stripy socks also in the DB Cashmerino book with some khaki 4- ply soft, so I'll post those up when they're finished.

Seth had a lovely gift from Steph:

These absolutely stunning crochet bootees fit him like a glove! Which in a way is a shame as he'll be growing out of them far too quick, but I shall cherish them and keep them for sure!

Well, I don't have a great deal to report... the felted bag which I made for my sister's birthday had a bit of a mishap :o( The pattern was out of last month's Simply Knitting using Rowan Chunky Print. It knitted up fine, though I think I prefer bags knitted in the round... the sewing up on this was tedious! However, the bad luck was when I felted it in the washing mahine. The size was fine... but I used my new bathmats to agitate it as I had no jeans which needed washing. The bathmats are cotton chenille so the fibres moulted and produced a hybrid bag covered in bits! Big DUH on my part. I had to brush what I could off the bag with a brillo pad... ah well. I'll know next time!

Myself, Danny and Seth say a huge thanks to everyone who put up such lovely comments.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Our New Son: Seth Thomas Wilkes, Wednesday 06/09/06 8:40pm

Hurrah our baby boy is here! It was such a shock to have a boy even though we hadn't asked the sex as everyone had swore it to be a girl. As proud mom, I'm overjoyed to show you pictures of our lovely baby:
(Sorry you have to click on them all...)

Here he is about 30mins old:

Proud parents:

Here's myself after the birth.... not bad considering??

This is the next day. I cannot believe how much he had changed over a few hours! He still looks so much like his daddy though- especially the position he's sleeping in!

Here he is on his way home yesterday afternoon:
He was wearing some of the gorgeous knitting my "aunty" Margaret had done for him. he just looked adorable!

Today we dressed him in some little clothes for his first outing in the pram:

Thankyou to everyone who's being following the epic! I had to have the membrane sweep tuesday to kickstart things as he was overdue. On wednesday lunchtime the waters broke and I had an 8 hour labour with gas and air. Fantastic considering I don't do pain at all and I have to say I wasn't traumatised at all by it and found it a positive experience. I only had 9 stitches in the end and I'm pleased with how things went. He may have been 8 days late, but it really is all worth it!!!

I also want to say a HUGE thankyou to Dawn for the absolutely fantastic package she sent me for her competition. It was the most generous thing ever and I love everything you sent!!!
Here we have Baby Cashmerino 2 by Debbie Bliss and 3 balls of green Baby Cashmerino plus Annarella stitchmarkers! But wait it doesn't end there....
We have Lornas Laces and Louisa Harding Kimono Angora too! I'm so spoilt1 I love the colours and I really didn't expect generosity like this- I got quite overwhelmed when I came home yesterday with a parcel like this waiting for me!

I'm making this short and sweet for now as with the baby nearly ready for the next feed, a mom's work is never done! Dad has been wonderful too and I couldn't have asked for a better settling into Seth's new home. He's really been a darling now he's here rather than the two awful nights in hospital. It really feels like he knows where he's supposed to be!

Lots of love and kisses,
Fiona, Danny and Baby Seth xxxx

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tinking Back Sunday

(Those in the rock persuasion will get that title on a different level... )

Ahem. I proudly present....

The Jaywalkers! I know the lighting is pretty bad here but you get the idea. I wore them yesterday and they were super comfortable and looked great in my Converse All Stars (which are black with pink trim). I felt fab in possibly the brightest socks ever made!

The next sock project is now Tropicana in my first ever skeins of Lornas Laces:

This is a close-up of the stitch pattern. I took this yesterday, trying to decide whether the pooling of the colours bothered me. The blue/ pink areas seem to move around in a swirly spiral fashion. I think I can live with that.
As you can see I plodded on today to this stage:

So where's all the tinking you ask??

Aah. Well I got to the heel about tea time today. The pattern instructions for the short row heel seemed a little complicated so when it says (and I put it in my own words here) "..use the heel method of your choice.." I thought Yay I'll short row the heel using Wendy's method. Except in all my excitement I forgot that when incorporating your stitches back to the number you start with, you need to double wrap them. I ended up needless to say with a really messy heel plus it was too narrow so I needed to amend that too.

Now tinking is ok in small doses. But when tinking short rows it's a nightmare. All told it took me about and hour and a half to get back to unravelling and re-knitting the heel. (The title is apt simply because it's Sunday and I was also listening to Kerrang Radio whilst tinking and Taking Back Sunday have a new single out which I love).

I am proud of the sock so far though... it's progressed well and it's unusual to see a pattern without ribbing at the top, so we'll see how that turns out too. I reckon it's ideal for hospital since it has a memorable pattern repeat, but not quite as mindless as stockinette. I think I'm getting the hang of this sock lark.

I realise I haven't shown any piccys of the ponchette... it looks a little weird on over the bump. Not bad weird just weird. I will post some up eventually.

Well apart from sock knitting I haven't done a great deal. No surprise there then! I did sort out a few things in the nursery and put up the pram ready for when the baby does eventually decide to show. I figured I ought to know how it works before I actually need to use it.

The living room is now pretty much finished apart from the loose odds and ends to be tied up. It's been lovely having a tidy space to live in again. However the bedroom is a bomb site now thata few things have had to move up there. Ho hum... something to do this week while we wait for baby!

I think I'll drink my cocoa and snuggle into bed... all this sitting on my backside knitting has tired me out! ;o)

Friday, August 25, 2006

I have finished objects!!!

and no pictures :( sorry. I cannot blame blogger today- it's coz we're still decorating the living room and actual access to the computer is tricky never mind fussing with the camera cables etc.

I WILL post pictures though. I have finished:

*Jaywalker socks in HipKnits 'Bouquet' Sock yarn. (finished 24/08/06)

*Ponchette using Araucania's Atacama hand dyed 100% Alpaca. (finished 23/08/06)

I'm soooo pleased with both my FOs. The ponchette has turned out wonderfully- even DB likes it! He's not quite so fussed about the socks, but he's a colour-led person and I think the neony pink and green effect probably doesn't grasp him like it does me!

So whats on the needles? Well I still have the cabled jumper on hold... I don't quite have the concentration skill atm for chart and I've decided I want to enlarge and separate the charts as they have different numbers of pattern repeats in them.

I have Antoinette, the Cotton Rope Cardigan from the summer Rowan magazine. She is actually almost finished. I'd sneakily done some work on her without telling you! Her sleeves are both completed now and all I have left to do is finish the main collar. Except it's like 130 st and 22 rows of cable rib on straight needles- hence very heavy and makes my arms ache. I think I'll get that completed when the bump is gone as I'll actually be able to knit in my lap again and it wont be such a drama. Nowadays I'm knitting sorta sideways. :oS

I have Bryony's cardigan to finish sewing up and 1/2 of the collar to do. This is Callum from Rowan Junior in Magnum Chunky. It also needs a zip and I reckon that'll be a job for Mom to do!!!

I have lots of UFOs, I admit. Theyr'e in the stash draws and someday I'll get around to them!

Did anyone see the felted bag in this months Simply Knitting? It's done in Chunky Print. I managed to get some on sale from Yarnsmith in the Deep End colourway (grey/turquoise/blue/cream) and I've finished the front and nearly the back already. I only cast it on yesterday morning- it's a great quick knit and it is actually looking to be a substantial size. I'm not looking forward to sewing it up, I've only done felted bags in the round before. It's for my sister Kaye's birthday, I think she'll like it.

I'm going to frog the leaf lace socks as I've cast them on the smaller 2.25mm brittanys which I bought a few weeks ago. I think with my feet slightly bigger atm that they'll be too small. I will re-start them on the addi 2.5's I think. I'm itching to start something in my Lorna's Laces, so I think I'm going to look for a pattern today and cast them on for hospital sock knitting. I really don't envisage me getting any done, but the leaf lace socks are definately too intricate to take in with me!!!

What do you think to these? They look nice without being lacy and though their colour doesn't strike me in that picture I reckon they could look nice in Desert Garden LL.

Right... I'll read some more blogs and fish around for a pattern... and do some knitting until the decorating recommences for today.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Aargh still no pictures

I did intend to update with some pictures, except Blogger is still being a pain in the a*&%.

Thankyou to Tutmut and Knitonlybutalso for the lovely comments. I'm doing o.k. I feel a little fed up now I have little more than a week to the due date (and I know it will be probably be longer than that before it pops) :o(

I've been painting in the living room since about 5:30am this morning.... so about an hour and a half. The living room is still in the early stages of decoration and it's driving me mental that I can't do it myself. I've only put the first coat of gloss on the window frame and ledge- so nothing too strenuous, though I'm going to put my feet up with some cocoa and a film and the knitting now. Funny how you just HAVE to get up and do somehing no matter how stupid it seems to someone else.

The ponchette is 2/3 done, I have only 10 repeats which is 100 rows before it is finished. It sounds a lot, but I've managed 200 rows since Tuesday.... which is unheard of for me and something which is so straightforward. For something so simple, it hasn't bored me at all and it's been such a joy to use this alpaca hand dyed from Araucania. The page on HipKnits has disappeared so maybe I was unbelievably lucky to get it before it was discontinued altogether!!!!
I reckon I'll have over half of what I got left for something else too so I got 2 projects for the price of 1 as well!!!

The sock knitting has taken a bit of a back seat I'm afraid. I was so close to completing the pair of Jaywalkres without getting SSS, but it's not too bad- only the foot left to do as I've done all the heel shaping and instep. I reckon if I get to finish the ponchette, the sock will go with me in my hospital bag when the time comes. Am I being naiive to think I'll get any time to knit during my stay in hospital??!!

Well I'll not drivel on any more, I'll try and update the pictures again later.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is it Christmas?

No not quite, but the parcel I had today was still pretty good!

With a nose for a bargain, I couldn't resist a Buy One Get One Free Offer. Hand dyed alpaca from HipKnits of all places! Well I ordered four purple (to get 8) and thought even if it isn't fantastic quality it's still a good buy right?

Well I was delighted when this came in the post this morning and is not only really really good quality but pretty and unbelievably soft. Mmmmm. I sat and fondled it for a while, and couldn't just leave it alone. It's like giving a chocoholic a Mars bar and telling them to wait until after dinner.

(ok I've just tried to get the images onto blogger and it wont let me so I'm annoyed now that I can't show off my new stash enhancement)

Where was I... oh the lovely alpaca had to be cast on for a project. I couldn't just leave it, so I cast on for this. I know it's a poncho-like affair, but I saw it on Insaknitty's blog and even though it's by an american/cnandian company, I emailed the company and asked if I could purchase the pattern but get a downloadable .pdf file. They were really helpful and I got it in no time at all and didn't have to muck about with postage from america etc etc.

I was also going to show you my new haircut and a picture of the guinea pigs resting on my ever growing bump. Damn blogger and it's image upload problems. I'll try again later. So for now you'll just have to imagine cuteness and a new bob.

O.K. I'm going to find some food and motivate my DB who's dutifully decorating the living room before the baby appears. Let's face it, in my condition I can't do much more than motivate (basically make tea and keep the good comments and snacks going).

I'll update with the pictures soon hopefully. Ta ta for now!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Now I only went to look right....

However, I added to our family yesterday, and not by having the baby. Dammit.

We now have 2 little male guinea pigs called...*drumroll*.... Pedro and Yoshi.

This is Pedro... he's a little scruffier and more cheeky.

This is Yoshi, a bit more skittish and quiet.

Although the pigs were initially mine, we decided to name one each and so I named pedro... kinda looks like a spanish imigrant that smiles a lot... and DB named Yoshi for his panic dash (if you haven't played SuperMario World then I'm sorry but it's a little dinosaur who eats things by shooting his tongue out but goes off in a crazy panic when spooked. Very cute.)

I love this pic of me and Pedro:

He is tiny compared to my huge bump!! These pics are good coz DB took them with a proper digital camera as opposed to me using my phone. They were took when I brought them home, so they're a bit dumbstruck on these but after settling we gave them some big fuss last night and they really became friendly (though Yoshi peed on me... could be a compliment?)

I also bought DB some fish for the tank. Sharky and catfish were a little lonely in the big tank so I bought another silver shark, a redfin shark and a pair (man and wife) of swordtails. Unfortunately the second shark didn't make it and DB had some euthanasia to perform as he really didn't take the journey well and wasn't going to make it.

So really I didn't get much done yesterday. I have done some more on the 2nd Jaywalker.. I'm halfway through the heel flap so I hope to have them almost finished today :o) That of course does mean sacrificing some housework, but thats ok right?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Sock Bug

Now I have been bitten by the sock bug. It's contagious. All of you bloggers and your socks in pretty colours and sizes and shapes.... and I cought the bug from you. Just saying it's your fault.

I started some Jaywalkers on Friday night. Like 11pm friday night because I was bored...

and got to this stage by around Sunday evening...

Which became this by Monday and look I actually cast on the second sock!!

If you wanted to know, the yarn is Hip Knits sock yarn in 'Bouquet'. I actually got it from Get Knitted a while ago when I bought the dye-your-own kit as well.

Of course, Sunday evening I was blog reading and thought Hmmm... I'm going to investigate other sock avenues. Big Mistake.

This led to purchasing (which isn't really allowed at the moment) and the parcel which arrived yesterday (quick I know!!)...

which contained Brittany Birch DPNs 15cm 2.25mm, some Opal Uni, a Fiber Trends Leaf Lace sock pattern and.... some Lorna's Laces in Desert Garden.

Now I have been restrained as far as the Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sock is concerned because it is too beautiful to do anything with but touch and stare at lovingly.

Mmmm yum!

On the other hand I have to do something when parcels arrive so to test out the DPNs which are not only smaller, but birch....

I cast on the Leaf Lace socks. in the Opal Uni.

This is a fairly good likeness of the colour... maybe slightly greener. They're not as difficult as i thought, though being lace I have to concentrate hard.

Fiona's review:

The pattern is good though. It has either written or charted instructions and clearly written so even I can understand. I'm testing my chart reading applications and actually found it easier to keep track of the row I'm on (surprised!) and I'm making less mistakes than I thought.

The Brittany DPNs are really lovely. The smaller length makes them easier to handle and i don't keep poking myself in the eye/belly/boobs with the ends now and if I do it hurts less than Addi aluminiums! I am afraid I could snap them, but they must come with the 5yr guarantee for a reason right?

The Opal Uni is about what I expected. Being very inexperienced in sock yarn it's difficult to compare. However it is nice, one colour makes it easier to do the lace pattern and there is lots of it for the price so no quibbles.

I love the Get Knitted site. Just saying.

I'd better jump in the shower as I'm going to LOOK at guinea pigs and tropical fish. I shouldn't really buy anything today but you know that's the worst thing when you go to LOOK isn't it. I'll let you know what happens.... ;o)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You have to have seen it to believe it!

Not really an informative post this morning, but thought I'd say thanks to Purlpower for her amazing and frightening pictures. You really must go have a look for sure ;o)

Anyhow, the concreting got done yesterday. The poor boys worked in the rain all day under a makeshift tarpaulin tent which I very helpfully named "Camp Concrete". I didn't take pictures though as they probably would have gotten upset and refused to work for fear that I was making fun of them. Well I guess I am... ;o)
Today I'm awaiting the arrival of my cotbed and mattress for the baby's room. So exciting! Although it does now mean I cannot leave the house until it gets here... no time specified... and I have my groceries being delivered tonight as well. So an indoor day for me then.
Last night I received the most wonderful knitted cardigans, booties, hats, shawl and cape from my "auntie" Margaret (who of course is a friend of mom's and no relation, but they become honorary aunties). When I get the time I'll try and take some photo's which do them justice as they are just lovely and mostly 3ply! Oh the patience. I especially love the cape and shawl. She said it was the last shawl she's ever going to make so I'm feel priviledged that I had the last one!
Right....better get on with the relaxing I'm supposed to be doing ;o)

Monday, July 31, 2006

Early arrivals

Sadly no not me :o(

BUT the Fed-ex guy dropped this off at the ungodly time of 8:30am this morning.

(yes it's a rubbish picture, my apologies)

Usually when you're told "before 12 noon", they arrive a little after 12 and waste your entire morning just because they can.

Now that box contains

Now this isn't the best view as I wouldn't have it facing outwards like that plus I intend to use the carrycot top to it for a while rather than the buggy top, but you get the general idea. I don't think you're all interested in the ins ans outs like me but I just had to show you thats all!!

However I've been told by Mum and one of my sisters that it's bad luck to unpack the pram. Well that's no fun is it? What do I do with a bloody great big box with baby booty in it and no willpower? I'm disgruntled.

Spooky thing is the fed-ex guy asked when my baby was due... and his wife is due a day after me. I guess it's not that spooky, but at 8:30 in the morning when my first cup of tea hasn't even been poured yet... well I thought it odd.

Ok, enough about babies- you're all thinking that I know ;o). I started a cross stitch last night- something I haven't done in a long time, mostly because it's hard on the eyes. The upside is though that it fits above the bump and not as hot to do.
I managed to do this much over a couple of hours last night

I think I got off to a fairly good start, though I didn't get to the exciting colours just yet. I think once I can focus properly and have surfed a few blogs I'll do a little bit more. It's not for me though. It's sort of a "borrowed" project. My sister does cross stitch and tapestry and is doing a series of these for her son's room. She still has a zebra and lion to do and as I was looking for something to do I offered to do the tiger and give it her back completed. I just hope she doesn't need it back really soon!

I still have builders merchants to wait for this morning. They said "first thing Monday morning" after cocking up friday and saturday delivery times... so we'll see if we actually get the ton of concreting sand and bags of cement for concreting our drive. The part where I'll begin to worry is when it's actually here and DB and my 2 nephews intend to do the concreting. I might go out just so I cannot spectate.

Now, where's that cup of tea....?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back on the knitting trail

I have actually done some knitting for a change! Stupid though it may be in this weather, my desperation to knit prevailed.

This is a very simple cardigan called 'Callum' from Rowan Junior. I'm making it for my niece Bryony as a 'back to school' caridgan. It's meant to have a zip for ease of access and I've subbed the polar (lovely but not child friendly) for the KC Magnum Chunky which I got from blueadt. I actually like working with this yarn. It's soft for acrylic and machine washable which is great considering it's destination! I've done the back and left front- as pictured- and making a sleeve now. I've forgotten how I love 8mm needles for instant gratification!

Now this I'm super proud of and for so many reasons!

1) It's a BARGAIN!!! It is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran which I've admired for so long, but lets face it it's a bit pricey! However, when I went to Knitchat on Tuesday lunchtime, the Beatties/House of Fraser sale was on and the yarn- that day!!- had been further reduced to 50% off! The lovely Rose said she'd got a perfect colour for me which had been ordered by mistake and so it really was fated wasn't it!

2) There may not have been the need to buy all 10 balls... but since the yardage is great for the pattern I'm doing, there will be enough to do a felted bag. How great is that?!

3) The pattern itself will be a challenge. Those girls from knitchat know that I may be a spring chicken knitter, but I'm always up for something more challenging to push my knitting skills.... except lace I'm still dipping my toes as far as that's concerned!
The pattern is "Saltwater" from RYC Classic Beach. As patterns go, I've not done much 'aran' knitting. I'd decided I liked them though so this is a perfect project... though it could take a while. The picture above is roughly a days worth of knitting spread over 2/3 days. In this heat I could only do about 6 rows of pattern at a time before a drink or more food was needed! But I'm pleased.
I attempted a picture of the yarn but the lighting doesn't do it justice at all and the little flecks of green and purple just really make it beautiful. I have to say I just love it, the slubby texture and everything. Though it does shed onto what you're wearing, but hey it's ok.
I would have had the picture uploaded for comparison, but it seems blogger is refusing to play again :o(

Unfortunately, the lacy rib cardigan I thought I was doing so well on with my Cashmerino DK has been to the frog pond. I was devastated at the stupid mistake I'd made when I'd taken it to knitchat... I'd cast off stitches for the armholes and forgotten to do the rest of the armhole shaping and just carried on knitting the back. I'd got to the casting off for the shoulders before realising I'd wasted 60 rows worth of lacy rib and of course it's a *!%&%"$£ to rip then pick up the stitches again so in sheer frustration it got competely recycled into balls. I still intend to use this gorgeous yarn, but not for the same project. Ho Hum.

Had blogger been a nice, you would also have non-knitting pictures of some garden but never mind. You've been saved.

Yesterday I had an egg craving. Weird huh? I've never managed to go through a box of 6 eggs by myself before, but I just couldn't help it. I had boiled egg on toast at brunch time, made fairy cakes (despite being only 2 of us and 22 cakes does seem excessive) and then had a fantastic spicy chicken omelet (spelling?) for tea.

I'm used to craving dairy and eating a zillion ice lollies by now, but eggs.... well whadya know?
Yup yesterday I seemed to be cooking for most of the day... and yet it was purely by choice and the will for food.
Later on in the evening I treated myself to a foot soak and a manicure. I'd have painted my toenails, but I couldn't manoeuver to do it. The time had definately come where I'm going to have to teach DB to paint toenails properly. Not sure how I feel about that.

On that note, I'm going to make another cup of tea and maybe knit a while, while comtemplating if it's too hot to venture outside today!
byeeeee x

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm still here!

Hi folks.

I've not deserted the land of blogging, just been more interested in reading up on other people's lives that actually writing anything about mine!

Well not a fantastic deal has gone on lately. The builder has been over the last few weeks and has finished his list of to-do's. My house still looks like a building site since there is dust managing to infiltrate the smallest of spaces and just seems a never ending cleaning crusade.

On the knitting front I should really be boasting many triumphs.... but no. I may be at home but the heat is really getting to me and I cannot knit. It pains me to say I've been doing a few square inches of tapestry a day when the need for craftiness has crept in and also making a little jewellery for myself and a few family members.
Not only does the knitting make my already hot achy hands even hotter and more achy, but the mid point space at which I held my needles at infront of me is no longer available.... so it's either squint at knitting in my lap and get neckache or hunch my shoulders up and knit pretty much infront of my face. The DB and his offspring have a lot to answer for if you ask me! ;o)

It's official now: I don't have to work again until February! The doctor decided it would be best for me to be resting rather that struggling to go into work for the duration to my maternity leave date which was 1st August. I've been finding it really difficult and even though I'm gutted i couldn't work to 36/38 weeks, our best interests are what matters eh?

And so..... 5 and a bit weeks to go to my due date which is 29th August.

I will try and post more often if only to show small triumphs- lets face it I'm not going to be miraculously making anything in this heat!

Many thanks to the well wishers- I'm actually sick of moaning but it's the only activity I have at the moment ;o)


Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm melting!

Is it me or is it just too hot? I know I'm biased being pregnant and all but it's really knocking me for six. I've been off work since tuesday dinnertime with a poorly tummy and I'm pretty much sick of the sight of my bathroom as it is since it's in the early (very early) stages of being decorated.

I have made some progress with the Pea Pod baby set though:

The picture quality isn't great (it's much more mustardy-yellow) but what you see is the fronts and back completed. I've really enjoyed knitting this so far. All the stitches are cast on for the fronts and back together and worked in one piece to the armholes. Then each is worked separately- less sewing up for me!!!
I just have the sleeves and neck ribbing to do so I'me well pleased, though you all know how I get with sleeves.... lets hope they knit up just as quickly!

The only problem I have had is wrist ache. I expected my fingers to get uncomfortable with it being so hot, but the combination of lots of stitches, cotton and straight needles meant my wrists have suffered. I think if I made this again I'd either use a circular needle or use a different yarn. I can't complain about DB Cotton Cashmere though- it's beautifully soft and machine washable- ideal for a kiddie.

I did promise a pic of the nursery didn't I? Well again it's not fabulous but it's basically what the paper/border looks like:

I really like it as is is neutral and fun at the same time.

I received my magnum chunky yarn from Blueadt yesterday. I reckon it's going to be better suited as a gift for one of my nieces so I'll look out for a nice pattern for birthday/christmas. I really like King Cole Magnum chunky as it's soft and yet ideal for children. I reckon I could probably sub it in Rowan's polar. Rowan polar is gorgeous- but the beautiful finish really doesn't last long! I expect I'll end up using lots of acrylic blends now that I have my own little one on the way... cheaper and more suitable! It doesn't mean I'll be neglecting my own needs however! ;o)

Well... I think I'll cast on a sleeve and see where that takes me.
You never know I might enjoy it!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pleasure in a pod

I think I'm doing well for blogging this week!
Last night I started on a new baby pattern:

It's called the "Pea Pod Baby Set". I thought that even though it has a lacy panel it would still be ok for either a boy or girl? It is a free pattern which I got from a link posted up in my last comments. There's loads of patterns on there and I chose this and another plain hooded top.
After finding worthy patterns, of course I had to get some yarn.... so I ordered some DB Cotton Cashmere and Cashmerino DK in sky blue (shade 09).

I may hunt down a few more patterns today, but Annette is meeting me at KnitChat today and she'd bringing a few for me to look at. Thankyou!!! I haven't been to KnitChat for a while as moving into our new place has taken up so much time. I decided I needed a break today though as we've had a little bad news this morning.

Unfortunately our family dog Rags which lives with mum and dad will have to put to rest today :o( Rags had gotten to a fine age and it was cruel to try and patch her up just to hold on for a little while longer, so mum is taking her to the vets. I think if I'm out of the house it wont rest on my mind as much. Being hormonal is bad enough, but news like this really upset me this morning but I've had my tears and now I must get on with it.

On a better note, my garden is looking lovely and the nursery decoration is finished! I'm going to start bringing over all the baby stuff stashed at my mums soon and try and get some sorting done before the cotbed arrives in a few weeks. It's all really exciting for me now though I have 8 weeks left to my due date!

I hope all og you who've travelled to Woolfest have a great time (very jealous!) and I share comiserations with the rest of you who couldn't go like me!
Have a good weekend all!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Little triumphs

Today I'm fortunate to have the day off- Hurrah! So, i thought to myself, why don't we have a go at getting blogger to play nice?

Ta da!.... the picture that has been waiting for about 3 weeks to get up onto your screens:

I realise it's no masterpiece but I really like it all the same. I just have to find some unisex buttons to match now. The yarn is by Jarol I think- run of the mill variegated acrylic in lemon/blue/mint mix. I still have over half the ball left (it was a 200g ball) and I'm not quite sure what to make with the rest. There isn't a bootee, hat or mitten to match and I like the v-neck option better than round neck.

Today I finished the baby bootees I've been knitting. I started them sunday in Sirdar Country Style 4ply in white. For acrylic this is really soft. The pattern of the bootees match a cardigan pattern I adapted a while ago in another yarn. I like the little cables on them:

This is the size 3-6 months. I have a feeling these wont be far off the size of the fee of the baby when it's born! I think I'll make a pair in the 6-12mth as well in another colour.

These are from a booklet called "Newborn Collection" by Patons. This has some really lovely patterns in it but mostly they are for either a boy or girl- apart from the cardigan I have already done from this book I don't think any of the others are really unisex enough. I'll definately use this book after the baby is born though.

I'm still on the search for worthy patterns! It looks as if I'll have to go on the lookout. Thankyou to those who posted suggestions! Unfortunately I'm not all that keen on the EZ surprise even though I found a pattern free which is very similar and I think the only Lucinda guy pattern books I found started from 2yrs :o( I'm just awkward!

Well I don't have much else to report. I have ante-natal at the docs again tomorrow morning- same old blood pressure check, heartbeat monitoring a more measuring to say it's long legged like it's dad! Afterwards though I'm going out with my mum and dad to get some plants for my garden.

Hopefully the decorating in the nursery will be finished today- just have the border to put up so i'll post some piccys when thats done.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Time flies after having fun!

I've finally found the time to blog!

I can't believe how time gets away from you when you keep meaning to do something. I've been meaning to post some pics for weeks and well now we have quite a few!

The Foo Fighters concert last Saturday was absolutely fantastic! i had such a great time and sat on the grass for most of the day so I didn't get overtired. It was rather hot though! I looked a little silly with a hat and plastered in sun cream when there were so many skimpily clad people about, but at least i didn't suffer afterwards.

Here I am with one of our friends that came with us before the concert. We just sat under some trees before going into the event. (Yes I'm the heavily pregnant one!)

This is me and my DB in the concert area. There were 85,000 people in there! I don't think I've seen so many people in one place.

I had to post just one pic of Dave Grohl. I adore him as he's just so talented and also just a really nice guy.

I have managed to get some knitting done. Not a lot mind. I finished a baby cardi and it is actually sewn up and everything! It does need the buttons putting on, but I like the design.
It had just enough going on in the pattern to keep me interested. I just find plain stockinette really boring at the moment, but I don't have much attention for bigger projects.

The solution: I need to find pretty/interesting patterns suitable for a baby boy or girl that will not take forever and keep me interested. Any suggestions?

(Blogger isn't co-operating with the pictures of the cardi and my garden from my phone- stupid blogger- so I'll have to remember to put them on when it wants to play)

So... now that I can't show you what I have made I'm a bit peed off. Hmph.

O.k. well what has been good today is I went and got the wallpaper and border for the nursery, bathroom and the living room paint. Now that I have the baby's paper the furniture will be able to be put up and voila! I'm so excited now, but I think it's starting to drag now. The heavily pregnant phase is a bit wearing!

Before I go I have to say thankyou to blueadt. I've bought some of her de-stash and will be happily receiving it soon. I'm going to attempt yet another baby blanket, but this time using domino squares. I'm hoping this wont be as diappointing as the last blanket that ended up rhombus shaped instead of rectangular!
I've really enjoyed mailing back and forth with her and just want to say thanks for her suggestions and advice.

Also, I'd like to say to the girls at Beatties knit chat that I haven't disappeared! It's been so hectic moving house and sorting things out that my Saturdays have been precious hor running errands and so on so I really haven;t had the chance to come along. I hope that I'll be able to make it again over the next few weeks.

Right ho... I'm shattered now so I reckon I'll be off to bed so I can start again tomorrow on the house. Sigh! at least it will be worth the effort!

Friday, June 16, 2006

just a quickie

Hi all!

Just a quick post from me for now, I'll be back with a bigger update soon though. I'm off to see the Foo Fighters tomorrow in Hyde Park, so I've both very excited and a bit nervous.... considering I'm nearly 30 weeks pregnant!

There are 4 opening acts before the Foo Fighters too... Queens of the Stoneage, Angels and Airwaves, The Subways and Motorhead. Phew and thats before the biggie! The show starts at 4pm so it's going to be a long day with travelling down there by coach in the morning. I will be able to rest up before hand though on the drive down.

So today i booked the day from work and went on a shopping expedition to Birmingham city centre and got a few things with DB. He was well chuffed with a new 'animal' t-shirt, 'o-neill' combats and belt plus some new 'animal' trainers. Me, however, I cannot fit into things quite so trendy atm since the bump is not really catered for but I did get some t-shirts from Gap which are long and will look nice with my (maternity) jeans and some new 'converse' trainers i got today.

So when i get back and have had a little rest I'll post up some promised pictures and let you know how it went.


Friday, June 09, 2006

Hot damn

Hi folks!

Wow is it hot!! I'm struggling in the heat with this huge bump and being overtired and generally run down this week has meant I haven't been to work. I shall go back Monday if only for the laboratory air conditioning me thinks!

I had my mammoth ante-natal appointment today and good news all around:
* I wont be needing heparin throughout the rest of the pregnancy since they've decided my clotting results are o.k. for now,
* It doesn't seem that I have gestational diabetes from the initial results of my blood test today (though I'll have to see what the other results were like). The Glucose Tolerance Test I had was awful; a BIG SORRY to all the ladies I had gone through this horrific test with when I used to peform them in my previous job. I really feel for you!
* I had my first prophylactic anti-D shot as well... this prevents a disease where you make antibodies to your baby's red blood cells and can be serious.
* And finally it has been confirmed once more I'm having a baby giraffe since I'm only 28 weeks and the baby is already 28cm... which is no surprise since my DB is 6ft7in and was 2 feet long when he was born. I hope we dont get one quite so long!

Well the move went well. DB has done so well with making a start. Not all of our (my) boxes have been unpacked but the garden has been tamed and he made a start on the baby's room :o)

When I get around to it I'll post some pictures up. I started a baby cardigan wednesday and have a front to finish and another sleeve to do. It's fairly easy lace panel in the fronts and sleeves, but I reckon it'll be knitting the front bands that will get on my nerves if anything!

Apart from that I made a small, chunky blanket but the pattern I used gave it a biased direction and I'm not impressed. I dont think it's going to survive as a usable item being rhombus shaped instead of rectangular. Hmm. I still have the remainder of the balls which will be enough I think to make another in a better pattern. I just find this heat is making me reluctant to knit. Well reluctant to anything actually!

I'll update soon, thanks to everyone who sent their wishes and reassurances!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Is this normal?

Just a quick post since, again, I'm on the packing trail.

Since I've been knitting for around 2 years now, I was sorting out the stash yesterday for moving and thought OMG. I knew I had a yarn problem, but for 2 years is this normal?

I know the well established knitters in the blogging community could look at this and say "is that all?!" but I thought I'd ask whether I am alone in gathering this much stuff over such a small amount of time. (This is the edited version too as I have dispatched of the stuff I wasn't keeping.)

(I realise it's not an awe inspiring picture being boxes and bags!)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Progress! (if only small)

I've actually managed to post something. Amazing. Of course it helps that I'm supposed to be packing and moving house so I'm not at work, but I promise packing will resume after blogging and a bath.

So this week I haven't gotten zillions done, but I have managed small, quiet, dignified progress.

*The DIY sock:

Here is sock #1 finished.Finally. It would have been finished a heck of a lot sooner, but I've been ripping bits out and re-knitting. It's nothing to do with wendy's pattern, just that I'd started off by putting lace in the leg part... got to the ribbing and it wouldn't fit as it was too tight.

Plus i was unsure about the lace so I ripped it back all the way down to the heel. So, of course, it takes longer to knit the same distance in ordinary stst, especially when i'm fitting about 5 rounds in during tea breaks at work!

It's a short one again as I don't like anything too high up the leg atm, so it's sort of ankle-to-mid-calf length. Plus the ribbing is right now as I increased the no. of stitches. Hurrah, just one more to go. (Of course, the hedera sock #2 must be done first)


I may not have taken any pictures of her, but the progress was satisfactory on this one. Previously I'd gotten the back, L front and a sleeve done. Last night I managed to finish the R front's the amazing part....I sewed the side seams together and picked up 184 stitches front the neck shaping on the front, down and round the bottom cast on edges of the fronts and back and up the other front to the neck shaping. Phew!

Usually I absolutely loath picking up stitches, but I had a secret weapon... I'd bought an extra long bamboo addi circular just for that particular job. It was almost enjoyable. So why did I do this mammoth task? I hate knitting sleeves. However I only have the other sleeve plus the collar to do now. I am proud!

Just so that this post isn't completely knitting related.... I took some pictures while I was out with mum, dad and great aunty Jose. We travelled from our humble abode(s) in Wednesbury to Tenbury Wells (which is a bit of a distance).
Although, I didn't actually take any pictures of Tenbury (duh) I took some pictures when we were on our way home and stopped in Bewdley:

This was the view whilst eating our fish and chips by the river.

These fellows and some ducks wanted some of our lunch. There are masses of swans on the river at Bewdley.

If you look closely, this is where they were nesting. There had to be at least 20 nesting pairs in that spot!

But best of all was seeing these little ducklings which were only a day or two old. Mum kept them pretty close and hidden, but I'm glad I got a shot. So tiny!!!

So that sums up yesterday. Today I have the drudgery of packing up my belongings (again) and sorting through the junk which I somehow accumulate for no good reason!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Long time no post!

Hi all

I've been so wrapped up in events lately that I guess I just haven't been too bothered about posting. I have been lurking and reading up on all my fave blogs though and even found a few new ones! There are so many out there now, so I just tend to keep to my few so I don't completely take up my whole time on the computer reading!!!

So where am I at now?
Well I'm 25 and a bit weeks now! I can hardly believe so much time had passed! I'm blooming nicely and I'm glad to report I haven't put on a great deal of weight...only about 1/2 a stone since before I was pregnant, but that was like christmas time so no doubt I'd put a bit on anyways!

Mum and baby doing fine, though I had a scare this week after falling over and hurting myself en-route into starbucks. Damn those addictive muffins! I slipped outside on the wet tiles as it was pouring down on Monday. I managed to fall on my right side and hit my head on the glass of the door.
The most annoying and upsetting thing was that not a single person helped me up. How's that for society these days. I got up, tried not to burst into tears and bought my muffin.
After that I burst into tears on the phone to my mum in McD's. I had a presentation to do that day at uni so I did my presentation (on foetal death of all things) and went to the hospital afterwards. Though it took them 5 hours to tell me everything was ok. Phew!

I'm moving house again! The 1 bed flat is far too small so myself and DB are moving into a 2 bed house so that there is more room for us and the baby when it finally arrives. The purse strings will have to tighten though, so I probably wont be able to splurge on yarn quite so often!

My latest splurges were some sock yarn. I had only knit 1 pair before in some Opal using a pattern that came with it. A success, but the bug hadn't bitten. Until now.
I saw a pattern for some lacy socks on Knitty called 'hedera' and decided to give it a go using some stash (shock horror) khaki 4 ply soft.

This is the first sock. I made it a little shorter in the leg that the pattern stated but it's beautifully snug and fits perfectly!

This is a close up of the lace pattern. For a 2nd go at socks, and with lace too, I'm quite proud of my achievement. Though I do have to make another one!

After starting this successfully, I bought some sock yarn from Get Knitted. I love this store and I've even been to Bristol with a friend to their open saturdays which are once a month. Such beautiful things and their sale stock is fab. I have gotten some real bargains.

I got some Hip Knits sock yarn in 'bouquet':

This is the pic on the site and I just couldn't resist....

so much so that I made it into a ball as soon as it was delivered!!! (God I need a ball winder for my birthday or christmas or something it took ages to wind!)

Also while I was looking at this I found a dye your own kit also from Hip Knits on the site...

and after seeing Daisy's success I had to give it a go. Though I wasn't as thoughtful and didn't take pictures while I tried it out. Sorry folks.

This was the fruits of my labour. And it does actually smell fruity from the Kool-aid!
I started the new sock today. I figured I'd get bored doing the second hedera sock (it's the same as sleeves... I lose the will to live) and so after perusing a few sock patterns I came across Wendy's blog and 'Generic toe-up sock pattern'. It's fab as it's easily adjusted (I have small feet) and leaves no seam at the toe! So I shall give this a go and maybe do something fancy for the leg of the sock to make it interesting.

I have been working on Antoinette from the new Rowan mag as well. So far I've completed the back, left front and a sleeve and about 1/2 way through the right front. it's quick knitting, but I have been distracted with the sock knitting.

As far as learning new skills i have done well this week with socks and all, but I have acquired something totally alien. I have been learning to crochet too. I figured it's a good thing as it's good for edgings and I have some freakish maternal will to make a blanket or something. The Happy Hooker book by Debbie Stoller is fab and I have gotten as far a crocheting in a circle. To me that's impressive as I couldn't make a single stitch a few weeks ago.

And there you have it!

I can't think of much else to tell. I shall try to be a better blogger but I guess it could be a while now I have to move again and no doubt the internet will be lost (boo hoo) for a small while during that time.

Hope to see ya again soon,
love Fi x

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A long awaited update

Well hey folks...
I know it's taking me longer and longer to post lately isn't it!
I do have my reasons however.

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound scan and antenatal bloods done. I'm gonna be a mum.

Things have been so so hectic in the last few weeks and we've even got my DB's sis to stay with us for a while... never realised how much washing 9yr olds make!

On the knitting front tho...

* I finished the Teva Durham capelet from Loop-d-loop. I look 10 years younger and like little (pinky-)red riding hood! yes I'll eventually get around to posting pictures
*I'm still working on "urchin" from RYC classic beach... though while I'm usually finishing things in a few weeks I'm still only on the left front and done the back. I'm slipping! I reckon I'll do a sleeve before the right front tho as the sleeves are all ribbing and I may go a little stir crazy if i attempt them one after another.
*Baby knitting can now re-commence. I'd started a little card in 3-4ply (oh how many stitches) but then thought..."wait for the scan...". It's in a lovely limey-pistachio green and knit front-front to the armholes. All those teeny weeny stitches on one needle..... I never thought I'd need patience for an easy pattern!

In the meantime I have some stuff on order... as always. I've ordered some baby patterns and here is one of them.

I'd usually go for the traditional patterns... but since this was just soooo cute and the bootees and hat match I just had to have it. I wont be knitting it in red though! It also means I'll have to learn intarsia....
The patterns and yarn (shock horror gasp- acrylic!) are being ordered through a mial order catalogue my mum has.. I think it's Readicut Crafts. For some reason there aren't any baby patterns on the website so I can't show you what I've ordered. The faves I saw on the brochure though were:

*A baby blanket/hat/cardigan set
*A zip up suit (like a little grow bag for babies)
and other teeny weeny patterns, you know how it gets.

I wont go on and on about or at least I'll try ;o)

Hopefully I'll be going to Beatties Knit Chat today... I've missed out on the crochet workshop but a very nice lady also called Fiona said she'd teach me to crochet some time soon. Thanks!

Right enough news for now I'll be back soon.
Fi x

Monday, February 06, 2006

Doesn't time fly...

I know, I know!

It's been ages since my last post. Time seems to be really getting away from me lately and I just forget all about things 10 mins after I thought about them!

So... since last time....

The yarn diet is gone. Completely obliterated. And it's all your fault!

Its seeing all the beautiful things you all buy or get as presents and I think "I want that" or "Mmm thats a lovely colour.." So now I am the proud owner of several new seasons Rowan/RYC book and all sorts of things I just thought I "needed" at the time!

How am I supposed to resist new patterns and never touched but lusted after yarns?

So at the moment I've got a few things on the go. I have "Urchin" from RYC Classic Beach which is a 1/2 sleeve short cardi that I'm doing in All Seasons Cotton in 'framboise'. It's an unusual colour for me to pick but i felt I needed a change.

Also I'm making a capelet from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop book which is hooded. English spring is so crap that I thought it'd get some wear! And as it is knit on 20mm needles it won't take long. I've already done the flat knitted part and just waiting for some 20mm circs to come from ebay. Again it's a fresh choice and I'm making it in Big Wool "Tricky" to add a little colour into my ever becoming drab wardrobe.

Hmm... and theres a really tediously boring shrug I'm making but it's just a rectange sewn up fo the arms.... so knitting a really wide scarf basically on 4mm needles... but it's good tv knitting if I'm tired.

To be honest in the knitting drought I've not done any adventurous patterns but I'll work my way up again.

Right, gotta go to uni (groan) I'm doing a 6pm-9pm lecture series on a monday evening now which I just know I'm gonna hate.

Hope you're all well,

Love Fi x

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Busy busy bee

Hey folks

Well now I have my exams over for the time being I can get into some serious knitting! This week I had a Haematology exam and a Cell Pathology presentation. CP is definately not my area... I hope I scraped enough to pass the module- I'd hate to go through it again! Haematology, however, is the area I work in... so I'd better have done o.k.!!!

After a boring but exhausting day I'm just running a bath...mmmm. Got Lush's "Hot milk?" dissolving away making nice bubbles :o)

At the moment I've got lots of little projects going on. I'm knitting small surprise items (a surprise for you coz I wont disclose what they are and who theyre for til the time is right) and a fluffy bear hat for my DB.

Why does Darling Boyfriend want a fluffy bear hat.... who knows?! I think he hopes it will make him even cuter... as if he could be!

I've finished the 'Nan' cardigan in Chunky Print. It's rather beautiful and when I get around to tidying my room I'll bless the world with some cam shots. I believe the pattern is in "Big just got Bigger". It was a relatively decent price considering it's a Rowan pattern... at only 6 balls of Chunky Print for a cardigan, who can pass it up??? It knits quick on 12mm needles and though a lacy pattern it's really easy once you get past the first few pattern repeats.... hey if I can remember the 4 rows anyone can!

Also... since the internet is now restored I've already taken up the fiendish ebaying. Yarn diets aren't safe while ebay is around! I bought 500g (10 balls) of Artesano Alpaca for £30!!! thats like a 1/3 off or something. It's destined to be the lacy cardi out of this month's Simply Knitting. I know it's supposed to use mohair, but me and mohair dont mix if it's to be worn lots.

Hey those who know the pattern and the article might be able to guess what my surprise items are for... ;o)

So send in ur guesses if ya want... or dont it's up to you hehe.

Bath's nearly ready so I'd better jump in :O)


Monday, January 09, 2006

Jeez it's been a while!

Hey there folks!

Do you remember me or know who I am..?

Well quick recap...
* left old fiance and moved in with mum...
* eventually found a flat...
* now living with new man and very happy

That about does it.

I don't actually get my very own internet access until thursday but couldn't wait to get back on the horse and get blogging again. Phew feel better now.

On the knitting front.... I have completed:
* christmas scarves and jumpers and cardigans
* knitted but not yet sewn a cream cardi for myself called 'Nan' in biggy print
* started some baby knitting... 4ply takes forever!

As far as spinning goes I think I've lost the bug... I dont have a great deal of room in the flatand only recently started knitting again.

So I hope to be blogging frequently again soon ladies (and gents)
luv Fi xxx

Special message to the 'Beatties girls':
Hellooooo!! I miss you all and I'll be coming back soon I hope. Hope everyone is ok and we'll have to get on gossiping over a nice pot of tea! xxx