Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Whoo hoo!

Hey folks!

Yup.... it's been a while since the last post but since internet access is sparse I'm getting on when I can!
At the mo I've just finished lectures at uni for the day and I'm sat in the very crowded learning centre! I've bought some wool (shock horror- yeah right!) for a C*******s present for my lil niece Alex. Yup another cardi- like that'll be a surprise!

I saw the pattern in the latest issue of Simply Knitting. It's a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan/Cashmerino Aran thing with a hood and looked adorable! I'm a sucker for baby hoodies it has to be said!
Though being Debbie Bliss it didn't come cheap (!!) and I'll have to get cracking on with the fair-isle cardigan and scarf I've started.... oh why do I keep starting projects?!

I'd just got the WIP/UFO list down to a reasonable 5-10 when off I go again....!

It's not as if I have much time with Wolverhampton University giving more work than a spanish mule and having no PC internet ready being a right pain in the a***!

Ho Hum... while I'm abusing my free time and internet access for the knitting world I may as well put it to good use huh!

And so with the news.... still at mum's. Still very restless and becoming more like the hostile teenager I once was when living full time at home with very old-fashioned parents with no TV or music taste to speak of and wanting to know what I'm doing every minute of the bloody day.

Still... I managed to spend an obscene amount of money on Saturday on:

* GAP skirt and T-shirt from the sale,
* V.Expensive but DAMN GORGEOUS black leather knee-high boots with a small heel which I can actually walk in without creating disasters,
* Other stuff single girls are entitled to have.

So with my loverly boots I have conquered uni today and felt good about myself, attended the tuesday dinnertime knit chat meet (though project-less) and started the dreaded c*******s shopping.

Tonight I was going out, however as the estate agents from hell which are letting the flat I want didn't turn up (for a 2nd time) I have to go again tonight to make sure the flat is up to spec and get an idea of furniture etc. Very Exciting! I can't wait for me and my cats to live in harmony once more!

O.K. I haven't anything else. My life isn't spectacularly interesting atm as I have no webcam to tantalize you with my attempts at fair-isle or show you my red hair and happy face!

keep well everyone

Love Fi x

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quick hello :o)

Hi folks!!!

I'm just taking advantage of my sister's internet access! Thought I'd just update you on what's going on and knitting progress(or lack of).

I'm at mum's at the moment despite swearing not to go back there! I love mum and dad sooo much BUT I am used to living fairly independently- apart from Sunday Lunch (which is a must of course!). We're getting along o.k. though she did pop to the caravan for a few days so i could see who i wanted to without her asking me a million questions, frowning or telling me i do have to go to work in the morning.... yes i know!!

She cares. She loves me. She drives me insane.

And so... I'm hoping to have a flat soon where my baby kitty and big kitty can live with me in nice peace and quiet and watch real tv and listen to rock music (instead of Foster and Allen and Emmerdale or Flog It!). I do get some meals cooked which is more than I can say for him who could only do oven chips. I'm not bitter and do not hate him at all but I'm glad to have re-found my inner self who doesn't do oven chips or oxtail soup.

The Knitting.
I confess. I haven't knitted this week apart from yesterday morning when i got my lone ball of cream DB Merino Chunky for the simplest fair-isle possible. The cardigan from Stitch and Bitch Nation (against a "Sound of Music" background) is going to be the launch of fair-isle learning. I have cast on for the fronts/back combination which is knitted in one piece to the yoke. The MC will be purple, and CCs cream, duck-egg and cerise. Not convinced? Well i liked it and if i get any knitting done this week or next week for that matter I'll try and get a picture here some way or another.

I have been doing a little tapestry instead as i can just follow the colours as i watch TV (if thats what you call it... mum has freeview and still watches the most boring of programs- frankly i'd be grateful for E4!)

Other than that I went to Merry Hill (a centre with a feast of shops in the west midlands for those who aren't locals) on the way to my sis's (conveniently about 15 mins walk away) and spoiled my self just a little. I went for nice trousers and maybe jeans... well with the amazing expanding butt I have atm it just wasn't possible without major trauma to the bank balance or admitting defeat and going for a next size up and baggy ass look. Hmm.

Instead I went to Lush. (yes everyone who knows me accepts I'm addict) I was however VERY restrained. I bought only some American Cream conditioner for my newy red hair which desperately needs dead end surgery and some Flying Fox shower gel which is prozac in a bottle mmmmmmmm. Sorry drifted a bit there.... oh and some Skinny Dip creamy wash stuff in a bar which is pure heaven without scantily clad angels and more manly and loin cloth.

I also bought a Ripcurl jumper which is very off the shoulder and sorta the unfinished thang going on. Mum will hate it. I LOVE it and am wearing as I type. Who said boarder wear cant be sexy as well as sassy?

If that drivel wasn't enough to show how uneventful my life has been since the big move out then I dont what will. I'll say thankyou now to my ex-boyfriend-come-best-friend-guy who's brought me to my senses and Greenday again. They're just fab. They make me happy and they were the only thing that got me to work on friday.

O.K. the head is empty of thoughts and drivel so i'll go stock up again and come back soon.

Happy Knitting everyone.... I'll get some done if university work doesn't pile up like a huge heap of dung again!

Love Fi x

Thursday, September 29, 2005

A lot of boo hoo..

Well hi folks

i'm sorry to say I probably wont be posting for a long while now... I'm moving away from where i live at the moment to live with my sister who doesn't have internet access- old uns heh- such technophobes!!

Of course my baby kitty and big kitty will be coming with me so they'll be able to ''comment'' on my knitting with either attacks or affection!

In such an emotional turmoil I reckon my tension could suffer so I may leave knitting until things settle. There's always tapestry though.... ;o)

I hope to be back soon

Luv Fi x

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A little on the strange side...

Your Brain's Pattern
Your mind is a multi dimensional wonderland, with many layers.You're the type that always has multiple streams of though going.And you can keep these thoughts going at any time.You're very likely to be engaged in deep thought - and deep conversation.

What Pattern is Your Brain?

Yup it's a strange one but I think quite effective. However I had to ignore colour preference and go for the pattern as you should.

Today has been a bit of a waste but a nice waste as I have managed to get lots of knitting done! :O) Mum wasn't well enough to be seen dinnertime after her op this morning so I'm off in a few minutes to say hi to her at the hospital with dad.

Well I'm back and she wasn't quite as well as I thought she'd be but I hope she'll pick up and be out tomorrow- I know how much she hates being away from her own home.
On the up side I did see 3 of my sisters tonight so thats always an occasion!
I'm about to settle in for 'Swordfish' and finish this sleeve! Once this one's finished I'll be onto the sewing/neck roll bit. It is actually quite nice sometimes to come back to a project after a while and see it in a whole different light. As all the things I have been doing of late are colour knitting or (attempted) lacy patterns- a bit of good 'ol stocking stitch works wonders!
I'll post it up when it's finished of course!

Happy Knitting everyone

Sunday, September 18, 2005

funky fair isle

Hullo folks

I've been swatching today for something i've been a bit intimidated about doing. Fair isle! After seeing
Tracy's poetic fair isle i decided that I'd bite the bullet. It's no where near the standard of her work, but something simple yet sweet.

And behold.... yes ignore the colours!...

The complete total of fair isle rows needed in a pattern called, funnily enough, "Fairly easy fair isle". Wonder why I picked that huh?! The pattern is from "Stitch and Bitch Nation". Now I couldn't get a proper picture off the net apart from one someone has taken of their own project to that pattern... so apologies but here it is: ?????
Any how i'm on the search for a suitable colourway so watch this space! I enjoyed the swatch and wasn't difficult. It's a little bit lumpy as I had to use different yarn types.

And for those interested in the FO details (sorry all the excitement got to me!) the pattern was "barra" from Rowan Classic Winter in 'twig' Soft Tweed

Currently I'm still knitting Pandora from Rowan 38 (w/o the stupid big wool bow!) and got as far as finishing the back and up to the armhole shaping on the front. I have enjoyed the difference in knitting techniques though I think I miss purling! It's all gtst/slip stitch. I never thought I'd miss purling- a new experience!

And so I'll leave you peeps with that to chew over and I'll get back to you as soon as I have a colourscheme thought out!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Take my breath awaaaay....

Well hi guys!

I've actually got a FO for you!!!

It's taken a while (yonks actually) to do such a "quick knit" chunky pattern but blame the moss stitch and all-the-way-round rib band. Not me.

So while watching Top Gun (oh does Tom Cruise look fit in navy whites!) I finished the rib band and sewed in the ends :o)
And so... drumroll please....

Here's me raising a glass of Rose wine to a job done and looking remotely human at such a late hour!

And a standing picture... no i'm not cutting a cake I'm trying to take a picture with the webcam! So awkward but I managed eventually! I had to use a dpn to press the mouse button!!!

And so i've only got umpteen other WIPs but that the whole point of knitting I guess!!!

Since I have nothing else to report and no-one to show my cardi off to (Darling Fiance is asleep!) I shall retire myself me thinks!

Good night all xxx

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What a Rosy Day

Today has been a good day :)

1) Felted Rosy Kureyon Bag is finished

I've had to revert back to the chair posing and webcam method of taking a picture but at least a picture is here!

2) Had the afternoon off and went to the tuesday dinnertime editionof Knitchat :)
(Nothing beats having knitting and tea and cake and not being at work!!)

So thats it for now... nothing else to report really.

Have a good remainder of the week all

Monday, September 12, 2005

wishy washy

Hey folks!

Nothing really exciting.... just a late night post to say i've put my felted rose bag in the washing machine (yes its finally fixed- hurrah) and so i'll be able to see the Kureyon loveliness in the morning :) Yay!

I know I haven't posted much at all lately- soooo busy with fixing washing machines, moving departments at work and catching up with all of the family I haven't seen in ages! Needless to say the phone bill will be substantial!!!

So, before I depart for bed I just want to say I haven't forgotten the internet knitting community at all and shall hope to get back on track soon! And of course i shall post up some more charlie pics and of course the Kureyon Rose bag once it's had a couple of washes!

Now I have watched both Bridget Jones 1 & 2 back to back (what else is there to do but watch films on a monday evening??!) and sewn my bag I shall go and sleep to awaken afresh for another fine day at work.

Yeah right ;o)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Picture theft and scrummyness!

Hey campers!

I'm losing the plot. Really.
I have just tried for a solid 30 mins to sign in and blog but to no avail.... so I browsed the blogs I read and nosed in a few patterns... then when I signed in resignedly for the last time I realised I'd been signing in incorrectly (previous name, no blog) and no wonder I had no details or way to post. Duh!
**This is what you get for trying to blog before finishing your 1st cup of tea of the morning!** I think i'll go and make a pot !

And so.... I wonder what else I've lost the ability to do?! Well i cannot find my pictures to put up on here- theyre on the phone itself but the pc link cant find them or wont find them more's the point. So you have been saved from lots of new kitty pictures and when I went to the Sealife Centre on wednesday.

Yep you heard correctly- I have a new kitten! He's gorgeous and sweet and, at 8wks, extremely clever! His name is Charlie and I love him! It doesn't mean I dont love Pussycat any more- but I felt we needed extra companionship for her. Though if she stopped hissing and running away she'd realise he just wants to play and make friends. Instead it has taken her 3 days to come to me for a fuss and still refuses to sit in the same room as Charlie. Oh well.

Chris donated some pictures last night while I was sock knitting so I could show the world my new baby boy!

And here's the two boys together. Charlie and Chris are best buds atm...we'll see how long it lasts... he'll come back to me eventually ;o)

And so.... the knitting content is: Get Knitted

Reggie and I were chauffered down to Bristol yesterday to go the the Get Knitted open saturday. (No pics as I was too absorbed in the wonderful woollyness and coping with headache attacks) It was so hot in there when all the people started piling in... phew!
I really enjoyed it though and after fondling and sighing at the sheer range if stuff I bought...*drum roll*....

*5 balls Noro Kureyon for a felted bag
*3 balls of Adriafil Kid Mohair (fab substitute for KSH- same thickness and more yardage and cheaper!) for a Kiri shawl one day when i can knit lace without endless frogging
*1 skein of Artyarns Ultramerino sock yarn which was in the sale (bargain!!!) and is on the needles already ;o)
*2 bags of buttons for future use
*1 shawl/scarf thingamajig
*6.5mm Addi circ. for the felted bag

This could have been a whole lot worse- everything was gorgeous! Ask Reggie ;o)...This was so reserved for me but with starting back at uni soon I really should curb the knitting impulses as I have to work super duper hard this year what with the project and training and rubbish exams.

Also... I'm in the final stages of ribbing on 'Twiglet'/Barra so i'm hoping i'll have that done before the end of the day since it was my aim to finish that completely this week being off from work.
Plus the the back is compete on Pandora. Yay :)
I'll have to post pics when i've figured out the whole phone camera picture eating thing.

So in conclusion i've had a really good week off and probably spent a small fortune with looking at fished and big crabs, buying kitten and paraphenalia and going to Get Knitted. Ho Hum it's why I go to work after all!
Sympathy is welcome- I'm back at work tomorrow!

Monday, August 29, 2005

silly quizzes make me happy :o)

Thanks Purlpower for the silly quiz! I am elated to think I have similar traits to Albert Einstein! He was crazier than a basketful of frogs and had frizzy hair- we're so alike! On the other hand he only seemed crazy because no-one understood him at the time... so you just wait and see. In a few hundred years I'll be clever and not crazy! Ha Ha Ha!

Ok feel better now :0)

And onto the knitting update....

Ta Da! I've done the armhole shaping and onto the 'last straight'. I'm amazed at how quickly i'm managing to plough on with this. It's categorized as a '2 ball' difficulty and this is the second 2-ball i've done now. Does this mean I'm no longer a beginner and now accomplished?? (though not super-good coz 3-ball patterns look like alien hieroglyphs are needed to decode the pattern to me!)

I thought decreasing would be difficult, but instead of getting hung up on where the slips and knits are I thought- well just look at the knitting- it's easy enough to tell so get on and do it.... and I did! I'm getting a little more confident about stuff I've never before tried now!

I've had a 'hold the knitting against me' moment and think this time I shall definately block the knitting before sewing up. (People gasp at the horror that I don't do this as part of the normal course) However, the way that the slip stitch pattern is done, it tends to squash up a little bit- this makes it feel textured but I think it will look better blocked so as to see the counter-colour better.

So yes you will probably be sick of my posting this week as I have the whole week off! WooHoo!
I'm so exhausted from work and stresses at the moment that these headache marathons are getting longer and more fierce. I find I get dizzy and feel sick as well as slurring my words and dropping lots of things before a headache attack now. Unfortunately i'm still having to get on with it as my appointment isn't til 10th october with some 'headace nurse'. Helpful? No. For the last few days I've had this aches and pains thing where I feel my body has been taken apart and put back together all wrong.

And so i'm going to do as naff all as possible and knit until i can't knit no more! And spin... must practice today as plying commences tonight. Yippee :o)

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Too hot to sew!

Well folks, some sewing up has commenced.... though it got abandoned from sweaty hand syndrome! I can't believe how warm this cardigan is though it's really light and not at all cumbersome to seam. It'll be ideal once the cold weather kicks in!

Here's some boring seam shots....(sorry!)
This is the front raglan seam... not so bad.

This is the back raglan seam...hmmm not so great.

I can't believe that seaming moss stitch is so difficult! I'm really winging it this time!

And so i've started another (oh dear!) project and this is quite the finest i've knitted so far... 4ply!! Sort of. I say that as the ribbing is done on 3mm needles then the pattern is actually done on 5mm needles. And behold......

Ta Da! I started this yesterday afternoon at knit chat! Her name is
'Pandora' :o)
It is the only pattern I really liked in the new
Rowan 38 so i borrowed the book from a friend at work.

This is the slip-stitch pattern in close-up....

This is the back... actually like it as much as the front so i may actually use it inside out instead... we'll se if it makes me look huge LOL!

The pattern actually uses just 4 ply soft but as I could'nt find a suitable shade to match the 'Victoria' which is sorta auberginey so I decided to use Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply instead. It's a discontinued colour unfortunately but I just love the tennsy bits of red.

And so there it is guys... another WIP but I have to say I just fell in love at first sight with 'Pandora'.

Tomorrow I shall at long last be plying my spun balls and learning what happens after that as well hopefully. Reggie is set for coming over about 7 I think.

Ah well on with the knitting until then... :o)

Monday, August 22, 2005

Enough to be getting along with...

Well as promised I have the rest of the piccys for you all. I was just so tired yesterday that I just couldn't be bothered to faff with the pc and the uploading was taking forever!
So here is what I bought...

This is some merino in lovely turquoise. I haven't yet used merino so i shall use some undyed to practice with first I think!

This is some (??) devon and cornwall long-something-or-other. It's basically quite a rough texture but has lots of curls and has been dyed in mixed shades of green, bluey-grey and turquoise. I'm going to combine it somehow with the merino.

This is some mixed rare breed in lots of natural colours. I actually bought this for Mum as I bought her a needle felting kit and she wanted some 'bear' colours!

Here I bought an Ashford top-whorl spindle (left) for spinning on and a sort of home-made thicker spindle to ply onto. The lovely Reggie had lent me her ashford spindle to practice with and once I get another she can have it safely back in her care! I'm definately a top-whorl gal, having tried bottom-whorls and not really got along so well.

Lastly is a present (!) bought by Reggie when really I should be buying her something for her patience and attention.... I was thoroughly shocked when she gave me this going to the car!
I'd been going and fondling it periodically during our visit because I'd never used mohair loop and the colours just made me really happy! 90grams will make me a lovely scarf-wrap sorta thing and I'm gonna have to think of something special to get Reggie now!

And I do have a little progress on 'Twiglet' a.k.a. Barra from Classic Winter.... only the last sleeve to go! And no I didn't do any sewing up so I'll have to sew all the bits up before picking up the front band, but hey you all knew I'd put it off! So hopefully I'll start the sleeve tonight and be able to get into finishing it soon!

Of course I need to practice my spinning as well! I'll be able to ply my two small balls as soon as I let Reggie know of a convenient time... so I may have my first finished hank anytime soon!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Heaven in the countryside

I've had the most wonderful assault on the senses today. My friend Reggie who's being teaching me to spin tool me with her on an outing to 'The Threshing Barn'.

The shop front

I had such a wonderful time and consequently I have a *lot* of piccys today!

There was everything for spinners, knitters and needle felters... there was a needle felting workshop there when we arrived!
Reggie and i got a cup of coffee as well... and a piece of cake but dont tell Reggies husband ;o)

I absolutely fell in love with the place and i think if money was infinite I'd do exactly the same and set up my own farm and do what i wanted!

Due to extreme itchyness to spin and knit I'll leave you to just look at what I found at the Threshing Barn... I'll post up what i got another day and save the pics for another post! No there's not a fleece mountain in my living room... though if I'd had my way....;o)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Spin spinnity spinning

Well folks it don't look much but it's my hard work from only 2 spinning lessons:

Ball 1- Sunday

Ball 2- Monday/Tuesday

Can you see the difference?

I'm proud of both of them! I wonder what they'll look like plied together? I can't wait til my plying lesson!

The wool I used for that was called 'Pick and Super'. Dunno what it is but it's nice!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Buttoned Blossom, The Twiglet and Operation Rainwater

Oh what a wonderful Saturday!

Apart from the rain, being match day in Wolverhampton and a corker of a headache it has been an O.K. day.

1) Wore Buttoned Blossom to KnitChat
I did actually take her on a first outing on wednesday on a shopping trip with Rose, but here she is having a rest after socializing this afternoon...

Here is a close up of the wonderful buttons I found for her... i even thought they were beautiful enough for earrings so I bought an extra 2!

2) 1/2-ish way on Twiglet a.k.a 'Barra' from Classic Winter.

I wont bore you with moss stitch, I'll post up pictures when Twiglet is finished. Basically I finished the back last Sunday and have, in the meantime, being juggling it with other projects. So this week I have so far completed the left front and I'm approx 1/3-1/2 way up a sleeve.

The Plan is to sew up those seams before doing the right front and sleeve to minimise sewing up overload. Hypothetically anyway.

3) Laughed hysterically at 'Operation Rainwater'!

While at knit chat today there was an alarming announcement over the tannoy thingy for the staff to come up the the Bistro in Beatties where we have KnitChat. The announcement roughly sounded like (because i have poor recall from laughing so much!) "Could blah blah staff please blah blah 'Operation Rainwater' blah blah in the Bistro on the 2nd floor..."

The mere fact there was a name for putting buckets on the floor had an operation name was bad enough, but when said staff turned up with walkie talkies etc we just couldn't help but howl hysterically!

And as evidence.... The Operation Leader- Mrs Huckfield... I have inside intelligence who has named the 'important person with the Walkie Talkie'!

'Operation Rainwater' in action!

And here's (most) of the KnitChat group...

This is Sarah Beth and Adrienne's elbow. (Adrienne is fairly new to the group as she's just moved back to wolverhampton, and is lovely, and Sarah is just Fab! Hope I'll be able to spin as good as she does!)

Extreme left- Josie (wonderful hair!!), Rose (adopted Den Mother, dear friend and Rowan Consultant at Beatties), Jen (lovely commuter from Bridgnorth) and Reggie (fairly new but very nice lady who will me teaching me to spin-YAY)

And of course... on the far right is Steph (wearing her fab presto top and established blogger!)

Hmmm... yes I did manage to squeeze in there that Reggie is coming to my house tomorrow to teach me to spin (hopefully!!). She's bringing different drop spindles and such and I'm hoping I will be a good student for her! She's coming round early so I'll have to be up and caffeinated!

I'm sooo excited!

Sunday, August 07, 2005


What a busy day I've had!

Couldn't resist putting a piccy of the finished back- i finished it about 3:30pm.

Its just such lovely yarn to knit with! I've started the front left but haven't done much on it as I've been washing/ironing. I *never* iron in a batch, usually I just iron things as i need them. However, a madness just passed over me today and I ironed about 3 months worth of stuff in the washing basket... and I've just stopped and changed the bed clothes. I'm tired to say the least!

I think I deserve strawberries and cream and a little knitting before bedtime!

broken promises and more knitting!

Hey folks

I'd stupidly promised myself that I wouldn't buy wool this month. Like I have the willpower to do something so difficult!
I was doing really well until I got to KnitChat yesterday. I had a look through the new Rowan books and
Magazine 38. Hmmm not much for me in No 38- very weird or just not me, only really saw a couple of things so I couldn't justify it really. However when I looked through Classic Winter I just really liked a few things and the yarn is just scrumptiously soft! So I'd failed. It really isn't my fault is it?
I bought 9 balls (may need one more..) of Soft Tweed in 'Twig'. Sounds boringly brown... but it has little bits of blue in it and looks fab with jeans... sold to the girl in cotton tape and an unfashionable desire to knit huge jumpers in summer!

And so I'm making
Here is the progress so far....

(sorry about the cheesy ironing board cover *cringes*)

It's growing surprisingly quickly for moss stitch... though I'm sure I picked it because it would take longer... these winter projects on big needles don't take more than a week for me (and then a month to pluck up sewing courage).

I think after Barra I may make Campbell.
*Thinks*....Ooh.... I must be a proper knitter now I think 8mm needles are big, before I wouldn't do anything unless it was chunky and quick!

I suppose I ought to make an effort with the other (oh so many!) WIP... here was the sleeve progress before the naughty cardigan:

I'm just about decreasing for the raglan bit... another 10 inches or so then! I just have a feeling that this is a disaster in mohair form! It's gonna be fit for the charity bin as soon as sewn probably! Maybe i'll sew the first sleeve on when I finish it to see what it's gonna be like before casting on the 229 stitches for the next sleeve ruffle...

Hmm... i know this post lacks colour... I've gone all beige since the multicoloured trip of Jenny Blossom and HipKnits silk. I guess the eyes needed a rest!
And... a treat for you.... well no it's not but it's not normal either! It's me at work (looking fed up as usual) in my lab coat and hiding while Fay takes a quick piccy:

Notice how deserted the place is... yes we really are that shortstaffed most days... one wonders why I'm stressed?! (yes I realise I have muppet hands in this picture- it's the latex gloves I wear in the lab!)

And now I've terrorised you bloggers I'll just say that Rose from KnitChat features in this month's Knitting magazine with Debbie Abrahams in an article called 'Hangbags and Gladrags'. She'll not thank me for saying that but she's super wonderfully nice and I love her to bits. Thankyou Rose!

Right better pack up the washing for Mum's (still on the blink) and get dressed and ready for sunday lunch. Yum!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sparkly things

Hey guys... managed a mid-week post for once!

Well in the project crisis the answer literally landed on my doorstep. My friend Fiona (weird having the same name) sent me some patterns she'd photocopied for me from an old Interweave Knits magazine. I've decided to use some stash to make a shrug, though it's gonna turn out a little bigger than expected but I guess a big shrug becomes a bolero??

Watch this space! I've finished the back section and started a sleeve.

This is a bit of the back. Just boring knitting really... but at least i wont be tearing my hear out with lacy patterns... bit of simplicity does you good sometimes.

I thought I'd lost the will to knit last night when doing the ruffle part- 229 stitches! Thankfully it reduces back down to 58 otherwise I'd still be knitting it next August!

The yarn I'm using is the 'designer' yarn made from different fibres to create a glitzy beige mix. It's nice, though the lurex isn't as stretchy so I'll probably end up with a length of yarn without lurex at the end of the ball!

Well thats really all I've done for the past 2 days... not bad though eh?

I'm actually going to see an "Alternative Therapist" tomorrow to see if she can help me with my headache marathon. I don't think I can just sit and wait for a 'headache nurse's' opinion in October. I'll go crazy if i don't find anything to help in the meantime. So... wish me luck, I'll let you know how I get on and whether she had to stick pins in me... maybe a swift axe blow would solve the problem ;o

On a happier note, 'Lethal Weapon' is on tonight... I love those films, Mel Gibson just cracks me up! Though I dont reckon I'll get that early night I could do with!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

How lazy have I been!

Well... very! On the knitting front that is!

I've read Harry Potter this week and started the 3rd book in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy called 'The Amber Spyglass' by Philip Pullman. On the subject of HP... HOW COULD SHE! Those who have read will know what I mean!

Knitting wise i really haven't done a great deal though today I finished Jenny. Yes she's all knitted and sewn... though she's still a naked lady as she's got no buttons :o( I'll make a decent lady of her though! I took her to mother's for Sunday Lunch and made her neat and pretty. Just have to accessorize.

Now... something new? I don't know. Those who know me must be in horror of me not having anything else lined up! I just don't seem to have any inspiration going on. Everything lacy and pretty just wont work. I need something simple, possibly using stash, which is simple, effective and hold the attention. What a task!

In my stash I have:
1 skein of HipKnits Silk
3 Skeins of sari silk (Cerise multi)
6 balls of Calmer in 'zeal' (Yum!)
8 (and a bit) hanks of 'Joe Brown' Alpaca dk
8 balls of Cotton braid in 'matisse'
10 balls of brown Cotton Tape (needs frogging and re-knitting)
5 large balls of beige mohair/sparkly stuff (roughly aran/dk)
9 and 1/3 balls of Jaeger Aqua in navy
roughly 4 skeins of lilac Summer Tweed
Tons of pinky-mauve mohair....
plus *lots* odd balls in calmer/green tweedy stuff/other bits and pieces.

On the other hand I could finish the 'Peppermint Twist' out of Stitch and Bitch... though someone has hidden a 3.25mm needle so I only have one. Just perfect.

Those worried I wasn't at KnitChat yesterday- don't worry I was ill but self inflicted and feeling better today. Though I still have that aversion to alcohol and anything with pungent fragrance!

So any suggestions would be handy, whether it be project suggestions or just ways of refuelling the inspiration! I shall get on top of reading blogs again now... my computer is still p*****g me off because its still playing up and I have no 'favourite' urls (or whatever they're called) and I'm having to use rediculous MSN explorer... hmph. Hence the lack of computer use this week!
Will try harder!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Finally... something to blog about!

Hey all !

I know, I know! It's been ages since my last blog, but I didn't want to post anything without something to show you. After the unsuccessful things lately I thought I'd show my progress on Jenny. She's not quite finished, just the icky bits to do, but this is how far I have got:

This is sewing in the sleeve... sooo much easier with raglan shapes.... my new favourite atm!

This is where I've finished for the day... one side seam left to sew.

The down side is now I have all the pesky icky banding to pick up and knit, but the end is nigh!

If you were wondering on the change of scenery (i.e. not the usual webcam view of the messy PC room) then I have taken these photos on my *new phone* which I got today! I love the camera on it and even I have figured how to get the piccys onto the PC!

Here's a pic of my DF playing around with his (yes I'm a good fiance because I bought him a phone too, though this time it's a different one so we dont bicker about "thats my phone"!)

Yes he's so happy he cannot find an expression to convey it!!

And... so she doesn't feel left out, here is a piccy of Pussycat as well (in her usual resting place on the "coat and handbag" chair!)

Pussycat hasn't attempted to venture outside today! It's been stormy all day with howling wind and pouring with rain. I wouldn't mind but it's annoying when everytime I get up she gets up to trip me up and looks at me as if to say "mum make it stop". I can't. I'm strong with the Force, but not that strong!

Hmmm... well since I have work (groan) tomorrow I suppose I ought to go to bed, but I just have that feeling in my belly that will make me worry about work unless I go to bed really tired. All this anxiety over a few test tubes and a honours degree.... surely there's more to life!! Well yes there is, but until I'm qualified I won't have any money to live a life so I suppose I'll plod on!!

Right, well I've just remembered something else - I got a necklace this week (woohoo) which I adore. I love butterflies so I just love this:

Picture quality doesn't do it justice!

It's beautifully enamelled with little crystals set in the little flowers and a heart on the bottom of the butterfly. I've worn it since thursday!

Well better get on and do something productive.... like get a glass of wine and relax for half an hour before bedtime!