Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Birthday to meee...

Hey folks!

Today I'm 23 years young! Nearly getting to those mid twenties and while I'm not quite old and wrinkly, a lot has happened since last year!

This time last year I was moving into a flat by myself and getting some decorating done. I'd had to go back to mum's after a painful break-up with my fiance since I just didn't have any faith left in the relationship. A few months later my new (-ish: I'd known him all my life and we were back together after 4 years apart) DB was helping me and I didn't actually end up spending a night alone in the flat since he never left!

Not one to be boring.... I found that we were having a baby on my niece's birthday a few days before the end of the year. Then after all our hard work, to skip a few months..., we had to move out again since it was only a tiny one bedroom flat above a pharmacy! We moved into our new rented house together and then Seth came to complete our little family. What a year!!!

What was the best thing about today? Well not the presents, but the fact I got my first "Happy Birthday Mommy" card. I may not be seeing all of my family today or going out to celebrate, but I feel that I don't really need to be doing anything spectacular. I plan to have a relaxing day (as much as you can with a poorly 13 week old baby) and maybe watch a film, do some knitting if I get chance and just enjoy the things that matter.

O.k. I do have a little bit of knitting content for you.... :o)

I finished knitting my adapted Buttony Sweater. I guess she's skinnier and such so I have a shorter version with short sleeves. I did really enjoy knitting it though! I've never done a seamless knit before and I really see the benefits of it! I can't really post any pictures since I have to get some buttons for it. I bought some buttons from Pavi Yarns which were italian etched shell in a magenta colour. However, they were too small since there was a mis-hap with the description of them. I did have wonderful customer service though as Karen from Pavi telephoned me to answer my query and is on the case finding a replacement for me!

I'd better get on and sort out the little one... if I don't get to post before the holidays, I hope everyone has a lovely christmas!!!