Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wow, What a shock!

Well hey there!

I cannot believe that a year has passed since I last made a post. I have kept a wondering eye over the blogging community but never really ever got around to posting. In a nutshell, being a mom is hard! Not hard as in "I can't do it", but as in "it's hard to be anything but a mom".

The little things that have happened since my last post include:

Mom having surgery,
Seth having his 1st Birthday
Seth starting nursery full time
Finishing my Honours Project
My 24th Birthday

These things have so much in between them that "real life" seems to have gotten in the way of time to interact with you guys. I haven't given up knitting but the time I have to knit is all but gone! I've been more inclined to tidy up one more time, just watch another episode of heroes/CSI/Blood Ties or sleep(!) than pick up a project I'd started 6 months ago or actually finish anything. I've started a few things ha ha but the story of my knitting life seems to be a whole case of startitis!

I can say that I had a bargain this week though! I got some Noro Cash Iroha in an emerald/blue green (shade 105) from ebay that was only £3.95! Since I had a small stash pot in my paypal account I had a small splurge and treated myself to 10 balls to make Dahlia from Knitty. I can't wait for it to arrive.... I haven't had a look at this particular noro yarn so I'm quite excited!

Anyhow, Seth has awoken from the nap (thank god for small mercies!) and I am back to "mom" again.