Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Busy busy bee

Hey folks

Well now I have my exams over for the time being I can get into some serious knitting! This week I had a Haematology exam and a Cell Pathology presentation. CP is definately not my area... I hope I scraped enough to pass the module- I'd hate to go through it again! Haematology, however, is the area I work in... so I'd better have done o.k.!!!

After a boring but exhausting day I'm just running a bath...mmmm. Got Lush's "Hot milk?" dissolving away making nice bubbles :o)

At the moment I've got lots of little projects going on. I'm knitting small surprise items (a surprise for you coz I wont disclose what they are and who theyre for til the time is right) and a fluffy bear hat for my DB.

Why does Darling Boyfriend want a fluffy bear hat.... who knows?! I think he hopes it will make him even cuter... as if he could be!

I've finished the 'Nan' cardigan in Chunky Print. It's rather beautiful and when I get around to tidying my room I'll bless the world with some cam shots. I believe the pattern is in "Big just got Bigger". It was a relatively decent price considering it's a Rowan pattern... at only 6 balls of Chunky Print for a cardigan, who can pass it up??? It knits quick on 12mm needles and though a lacy pattern it's really easy once you get past the first few pattern repeats.... hey if I can remember the 4 rows anyone can!

Also... since the internet is now restored I've already taken up the fiendish ebaying. Yarn diets aren't safe while ebay is around! I bought 500g (10 balls) of Artesano Alpaca for £30!!! thats like a 1/3 off or something. It's destined to be the lacy cardi out of this month's Simply Knitting. I know it's supposed to use mohair, but me and mohair dont mix if it's to be worn lots.

Hey those who know the pattern and the article might be able to guess what my surprise items are for... ;o)

So send in ur guesses if ya want... or dont it's up to you hehe.

Bath's nearly ready so I'd better jump in :O)


Monday, January 09, 2006

Jeez it's been a while!

Hey there folks!

Do you remember me or know who I am..?

Well quick recap...
* left old fiance and moved in with mum...
* eventually found a flat...
* now living with new man and very happy

That about does it.

I don't actually get my very own internet access until thursday but couldn't wait to get back on the horse and get blogging again. Phew feel better now.

On the knitting front.... I have completed:
* christmas scarves and jumpers and cardigans
* knitted but not yet sewn a cream cardi for myself called 'Nan' in biggy print
* started some baby knitting... 4ply takes forever!

As far as spinning goes I think I've lost the bug... I dont have a great deal of room in the flatand only recently started knitting again.

So I hope to be blogging frequently again soon ladies (and gents)
luv Fi xxx

Special message to the 'Beatties girls':
Hellooooo!! I miss you all and I'll be coming back soon I hope. Hope everyone is ok and we'll have to get on gossiping over a nice pot of tea! xxx