Sunday, July 31, 2005

How lazy have I been!

Well... very! On the knitting front that is!

I've read Harry Potter this week and started the 3rd book in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy called 'The Amber Spyglass' by Philip Pullman. On the subject of HP... HOW COULD SHE! Those who have read will know what I mean!

Knitting wise i really haven't done a great deal though today I finished Jenny. Yes she's all knitted and sewn... though she's still a naked lady as she's got no buttons :o( I'll make a decent lady of her though! I took her to mother's for Sunday Lunch and made her neat and pretty. Just have to accessorize.

Now... something new? I don't know. Those who know me must be in horror of me not having anything else lined up! I just don't seem to have any inspiration going on. Everything lacy and pretty just wont work. I need something simple, possibly using stash, which is simple, effective and hold the attention. What a task!

In my stash I have:
1 skein of HipKnits Silk
3 Skeins of sari silk (Cerise multi)
6 balls of Calmer in 'zeal' (Yum!)
8 (and a bit) hanks of 'Joe Brown' Alpaca dk
8 balls of Cotton braid in 'matisse'
10 balls of brown Cotton Tape (needs frogging and re-knitting)
5 large balls of beige mohair/sparkly stuff (roughly aran/dk)
9 and 1/3 balls of Jaeger Aqua in navy
roughly 4 skeins of lilac Summer Tweed
Tons of pinky-mauve mohair....
plus *lots* odd balls in calmer/green tweedy stuff/other bits and pieces.

On the other hand I could finish the 'Peppermint Twist' out of Stitch and Bitch... though someone has hidden a 3.25mm needle so I only have one. Just perfect.

Those worried I wasn't at KnitChat yesterday- don't worry I was ill but self inflicted and feeling better today. Though I still have that aversion to alcohol and anything with pungent fragrance!

So any suggestions would be handy, whether it be project suggestions or just ways of refuelling the inspiration! I shall get on top of reading blogs again now... my computer is still p*****g me off because its still playing up and I have no 'favourite' urls (or whatever they're called) and I'm having to use rediculous MSN explorer... hmph. Hence the lack of computer use this week!
Will try harder!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Finally... something to blog about!

Hey all !

I know, I know! It's been ages since my last blog, but I didn't want to post anything without something to show you. After the unsuccessful things lately I thought I'd show my progress on Jenny. She's not quite finished, just the icky bits to do, but this is how far I have got:

This is sewing in the sleeve... sooo much easier with raglan shapes.... my new favourite atm!

This is where I've finished for the day... one side seam left to sew.

The down side is now I have all the pesky icky banding to pick up and knit, but the end is nigh!

If you were wondering on the change of scenery (i.e. not the usual webcam view of the messy PC room) then I have taken these photos on my *new phone* which I got today! I love the camera on it and even I have figured how to get the piccys onto the PC!

Here's a pic of my DF playing around with his (yes I'm a good fiance because I bought him a phone too, though this time it's a different one so we dont bicker about "thats my phone"!)

Yes he's so happy he cannot find an expression to convey it!!

And... so she doesn't feel left out, here is a piccy of Pussycat as well (in her usual resting place on the "coat and handbag" chair!)

Pussycat hasn't attempted to venture outside today! It's been stormy all day with howling wind and pouring with rain. I wouldn't mind but it's annoying when everytime I get up she gets up to trip me up and looks at me as if to say "mum make it stop". I can't. I'm strong with the Force, but not that strong!

Hmmm... well since I have work (groan) tomorrow I suppose I ought to go to bed, but I just have that feeling in my belly that will make me worry about work unless I go to bed really tired. All this anxiety over a few test tubes and a honours degree.... surely there's more to life!! Well yes there is, but until I'm qualified I won't have any money to live a life so I suppose I'll plod on!!

Right, well I've just remembered something else - I got a necklace this week (woohoo) which I adore. I love butterflies so I just love this:

Picture quality doesn't do it justice!

It's beautifully enamelled with little crystals set in the little flowers and a heart on the bottom of the butterfly. I've worn it since thursday!

Well better get on and do something productive.... like get a glass of wine and relax for half an hour before bedtime!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Thank you

Firstly I wanna say a big 'Ta' to everyone for being supportive with my newfound skills and for not laughing at me being thick!

I've now completed both fronts and the back of Jenny... just the sleevies to do now- my least favourite part of jumpers/cardis as i don't like sewing them in. But, seeing as it's raglan... this should be easier... right??

Fronts together and back of Jenny

Today has been crappy, but funny. It's been crappy because of feeling poorly- I've been having riotous headaches for over a week but I don't suppose there's much else to do about them. Today has been funny because my friend from work has been telling me how her date went last night; or nearly didn't because some other bloke turned up before she was supposed to be going out! Yikes! Glad I don't have that problem.

Darling Fiance has got me a copy of the *new* 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So if the CSI double Tarantino episodes are cancelled (again, rant!) I shall watch Charlie instead! Btw I adore Nick in CSI!

I was thinking today about starting some gifts for xmas/birthday rush. I came to this charitable way of thinking after attempting a new project. And failed. Again. It was called
'Cardinal Grapje' and was a pattern I found reading someones blog... which I then went onto someone elses and completely lost track of how i got there. Its such a pretty design, but whether its me (most likely) or the pattern, i just couldn't get the rows to line up properly.

After the second failure of pretty patterns I thought maybe after doing knitting for others I would find my flair and put some more "zing" into my knitting. I've really enjoyed the two mini clapotis I made and the branching out scarf... what can I try next? I've seen a few sock patterns but it's the dreaded double points... they all seem to be sizes I don't have and I really need to curb the spending after this month's parcels!

Oh get cracking on those sleeves if Jenny want's to be finished.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Post jenny woes...

Yes it was me. Yes I'm having a stupid day.
Thanks to Anne on UK Handknitters I've seen how utterly stupid I was being. Because I won't have cast off all the stitches will I... stupid girl. Crisis over.

However... I have
  • done 3 flow charts for my Honours Project protocol
  • and if no-one had noticed I've finally managed to put up some links and such on the blogspot!

Hurrah, aren't I clever and I did all by myself (nearly- I found some help on the blogger dashboard). But I didn't ask Darling fiance for help so I did it by myself!

Now that I have appeased my guilt with some work and cheered myself with new things, I can go to bed a happy lady!

Jenny woes

Hey folks

I'm afraid I may be being a little dense here, but what the hell...I'm stuck!!

I'm having trouble working out the last part of the Left front of jenny. I've completed the back no trouble, but I'm a bit confused about the instructions for shaping the neck on the fronts.
I'm decreasing above the armhole for the raglan now, but to shapethe neck it says:
RS:k2tog, patt 8 st, cast off rem 16st
Break yarn
Rejoin yarn with WS facing and dec 1 st at neck edge on next fiverows and at same time dec 1st at raglan armhole edge of 2nd and follalt rows, ending RS facing for next row. 2st
K2tog and fasten off.

Qu: Why do i have to cast off only to rejoin the yarn when I end at the correct edge?


Well I'm gonna have a fresh look at it tomorrow and maybe ask mum if I go for lunch... but since I've slacked and not done as much work as I was supposed to havedone, it looks unlikely. And to think I missed our knit-chat today as well!

I rarely miss our Saturday meets but I've been feeling so poorly with my headaches this week plus the PMS that I felt that a day indoors might help me to recooperate... and do some work for my Honours Project.

Well... I'm tired from reading stupid papers on myeloma and various immunological methods of detection. I've put little yellow sticky notes on them as well to pinpoint important passages without drawing all over them too! Now I've got to make a flow chart of laboratory protocols and research a little more before starting a Literature Review on the subject of my project... all this and still haven't got the ethics sorted. Hmph! And to think I have to start collecting samples next week!

I'll post some piccys up tomorrow of the progress on Jenny... if I ever figure out the reasoning of the pattern.

Maybe it's Rowan? Then again maybe it's me!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Backtracking Ideas

On the other hand, after attempting to swatch the 'Elspeth' pattern I totally think the pattern is a little advanced... so it's definately not going to be a recent project! Just as well the Calmer was bought for somethinge else!

So... with no proper knitting done, having watched a film and had an argument with the fiance over stupid trivial bickerings, I'm thoroughly pissed off and going to bed in a mood.

Damn these PMS hormones and Damn stupid knitting charts.

Definately a pink day

Yesterday was definately a pink day... as was today! I'm having a phase I think!

On Monday I knit a mini clapotis (see previous posts) in South West Trading 'Bamboo' (shade bougainvillea)

I wore it yesterday with a bright pink gypsy skirt and lilac lacy top. Very Girlie!
And here's me modelling it for you today with another pink patterned top, but I restrained myself and wore it with black capri pants today ;o)

Also looking weary after a hard day's work and cooking curry in this heat for my dear beloved (who only does oven chip food combinations).

Another pink picture is the little teensy bit of crochet I learnt yesterday.

I bought 'Simply Knitting' magazine for the first time, only to find the main 2 patterns were Rowan patterns I already have in other Rowan books. Hmph! Nevertheless, I learnt how to do a chain, double crochet and a half-treble for £3.45 and a free plastic hook! I thought that a few crochet skills wouldn't go amiss since a lot of edgings on knitted items are crocheted. Dont worry I'm not abandoning knitting or turning to 'The Dark Side'!

Lastly for the pink pictures is the progress I've made with 'Jenny'.

I've decided after a little bit more knitting that I like it and will now get cracking! Here she is... a bit crumply on the needle, but I love the 'blossom' cotton from HipKnits! The only problem I have with cotton is that it's harder on the wrists than wool and makes my fingers ache much quicker. With wool I can knit for hours, but after 40-60mins I have to stop. Frustrating when i want to zoom along!

Thankyou all for sharing your view on 'Jenny'. I guess sometimes I need a little encouragement to crack on with some things. I don't have as many WIPs now that I've finished mini clapotis' and such. I estimate that I have about 5 apart from 'Jenny', with one being an experimental OSW in giotto on 7mm needles and another Colinette project long ago knitted and just awaiting sewing up. So for me that aint bad!

Though I'm wondering whether to have a go at 'Elspeth' in Rowan Magazine 37... it was published in this months 'Simply Knitting' and somehow called to me though I'd seen it before. I suppose it's because I have some Calmer in the stash in my all time favourite colour 'Joy'. The majority of shade cards make it look navy, but I had to take a piccy to show you that it's more auberginey-purple ( picture came out a little lighter as I had to put 'big light' on!)

So vote now... shall I, shan't I... Like I need another WIP!!!....but she's lovely...ooh I don't know what to do! ;o)

After eating all the cherry tomatoes I shall now try and get enough knitting in before bed time!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Couldn't resist!

Another WIP??!! Oh yes...!

I actually need your opinion. I've started a cardigan pattern from Rowan Magazine 37 called 'Jenny'. It has a sorta staggered eyelet pattern and I'm not sure if using thw pattern in combination with HipKnits 'blossom' cotton works well.

I'd love to hear what you think. Here's what I've done in a short burst today:

back of cardi
The picture is a little blurry I'm afraid as I had a headache attack while at the christening/party today. I'm not recovering all that well but i'm off to bed now. My sister Julia was 40 on friday and had a joint bash with Alex's christening which was this afternoon. Lovely time apart from the nauseating pain. Still, I held it together so thats what matters.

Nothing else exciting to add to that apart from ruining my pinky-red dress (shock horror i NEVER wear dresses!) because I dropped a strawberry loaded with double cream all down my front. Serves me right!

Friday, July 08, 2005

On a roll!

Well I'm on a roll this week guys... not only have I managed to blog lots this week butI've finished a OSW and a Jnr Clapotis as well!
I made it from a mixture of Fiona's laceweight marino in 'blue laburnum' and Rowan 4-ply Soft in 'military'. Sounds odd?

Well I liked it... wonder how the clapotis would be made from just laceweight? Too flimsy?

Well I don't have anything else to report tonight... apart from having a go at making my own icon lady- does it look like me? I'm not convinced- maybe you need someone else to do them for you?

You can find the link on Lixie's blog ( I still haven't learnt how to put up sidebars and links- pfft anything computery and I'm lost!)

Well I'll bid everyone goodnight and hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Junior Clapotis

Hey folks
I've started another project today- totally against my promise- especially after OSW! However, it's a cute little thing and hopefully won't take much more than a few days. It's called a 'mini clapotis' and I found it while browsing blogs this morning. How I got there I have no idea. I had to google the blog again tonight to find the blog to find the link to the pattern!

The blog I found inspiration on was Yarny. Since this morning she has finished her mini clapotis and it's in nothing other than Hip Knits silk- she's made something really beautiful.
The pattern is on
Knit Pixie but you have to register to access the free patterns. It's free so well worth it.
Here's a piccy of the scarf-lenght mini-clapotis which is on the site:

I love the look of it and maybe once I've mastered this I'll go back to 'big daddy' Clapotis.
I'llpost piccys when it's done, don't want to spoil any surprises!

One glass of wine and 3 squares of Thorntons Dark Chocolate with Ginger Pieces later, I am 3 repeats into section 3 and satisfied enough to rest.

Now it is bedtime.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Well life seems to be all about improvisation lately. Nothing quite turns out as planned... is having the skill to improvise better than making the perfect fool-proof plan? Hmmm....

Well while some of you ponder that queation, I have pictures of a finished item! True I should never have started it in the first place, but it wasn't my fault. Really. The lady knows who she is! ;o)

Well here is my own improvised version of
One Skein Wonder.



It's made with the 'free'
Sari silk I had from Hip Knits and some Jaeger 'Aqua' dk cotton in 'indigo'. I didn;t think I'd have enough to pick up the stitches around the body so i had to improvise a little... so really it ought to be a 'Two Skein Wonder'. I guess I used more yardage due to the nature of the yarn.

And as promised I have a picture of the front of my Trellis Stitch Bag.

dodgy photography... not uneven bag!

If you turn your head to the side you'll see that Darth Vader's shadow in on the bag... it's just a trick of the light...I'll never turn to the Dark Side... unless the Dark Side give free wool and needles and lots of coffee and buttons...

Lastly i have a lovely picture of some *new* stash- the lovely
Hip Knits cotton I ordered on Monday! How quick was that!!!!

It's called 'Blossom' and looks beautiful... though it smells absolutely disgusting! I'm gonna have to air it out and perfume it safely- there's no way I can knit with something which smell ''sewery''- probably the dye.

I feel much better now- something worthwhile to blog, chille-con-carne for tea and getting away from blasted work!

Well... I guess I oughta try an early night... then again...

Early morning blog

Hey folks, I know this is early for me! I really just couldn't be bothered last night to post anything- it was such a horrendous day yesterday. Rain, walking around aimlessly looking for The Binding Site.... travelling with a so-called Immunology manager who has about as much spine as a jellyfish. Hmph.

Anyway there have been developments with One Skein Wonder but I'm ticked off about that as well! I'm praying it fits and I have to do the ribbing in another yarn because my One Skein of sari silk will not be enough. Hmph.

Ho Hum... I'd better get dressed for work hadn 't I and slog my guts out all day (as per usual). Maybe I'll feel better? Maybe I wont!

I'll try and post some piccys up soon... Hmph.

Monday, July 04, 2005


Well after all my promises made, I've been corrupted! not only have I purchased some more yarn (after all my stash enhancing over the last month!!), I've started another little project as well!

It wasn't my fault! Lovely comments on my blog drove me into buying the One Skein Wonder pattern from 'Glampyre' and then I kinda drifted onto HipKnits and bought some gorgeous cotton in 'blossom'. I saw the 'clover' silk and wished I'd bought some... then saw this beautiful cotton is similar colours.... I was powerless to resist!

I've finished side 1 of the trellis stitch bag. I'll put up piccys tomorrow and I'll show my progress on One Skein Wonder as well.

Unfortunately tomorrow I have to go all the way accross the damn midlands (kinda) to a company called 'The Binding Site'. I have to go along with the Immunology manager to have a meeting with the Binding Site guy about my honours project and screening trials for multiple myeloma.

I'll not bore you with the details but basically my honours project is riding on getting "ethical approval" from the local committee and the university. I'm hoping the Binding Site (who make the kits for the laboratory equipment etc) can shed some light on the trials done in Derby and whether it's feasible to use the trial for data and hypothetical improvements for the laboratory.

In that case I ought to be ironing posh clothes and going to bed (it would be nice to make a good impression!).

More piccys soon

Sunday, July 03, 2005


Hey doodly do!
I've managed to finish a WIP! The Hip Knits silk tank is now finished. If I'd have put my mind (and fingers!) to it this would have been finished days after starting.... but all those new things...

Any how, here is a piccy of me wearing it (not the best, but with a webcam what can u do?)

I was breathing in as much as humanly possible for this picture!
The silk yarn from Hip Knits is sooo soft! Plain as it may be, just wearing it is a pleasure! I'm still wearing it while posting, I may need a helper to prise me away from it! Best of all, it only took two out of three skeins (dependant on weight:yardage ratio of course) so I have one left for something else! Silk is deceivingly generous on yardage so I tried to make something yarn-conservative; I'll know next time!
Also on the needles (and not growing particularly quickly) is a scarf for my sis Julia who is 40 on friday! Better get knitting! Though I have chickened out and bought M&S vouchers as well if I don't complete!
feather and fan stitch= simple but effective
The yarn is from Yarnwise on ebay and is excellent value. It's a littlebit more green in daylight but beautiful nonetheless! I was horrified when I got up yesterday to find it on the stairs with thr wool would around everything in the living-room, landing and PC room! While Pussycat doesn't play with wool, the loves the needles :o( Amazingly the knitting was still on the needles and un-chewed!
Also, I have bought some bag handles for the trellis-stitch bag I'm making in cotton tape and linen print. It was an expensive day yesterday as I went undie shopping and bought a little more besides...oops...don't tell the 'evil monkey' (darling fiance makes an expression like the evil monkey from 'Family Guy' when he's P'd off!)
Plastic but practical?
Whadya think? I reckon plastic is more practical (and cheaper) than wooden... we'll see. If they don't suit I'll take em back and buy different ones... for once I've kept a receipt!
If you have any other (easy) lace scarf patterns please let me know... though inexperienced with lace knitting I'd like to get better and move on from feather and fan and branching out is too recent to start another one!
Well thats it for now, I'm worn out without doing much today. Sunday Syndrome: the days passes like lightning leaving you tired, bewildered and anxious of tomorrow.