Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm still here

Hi folks!

I know I haven't blogged for months but I suppose life has really taken it out of me. That doesn't mean I'm not following online, just don't have the will to participate at the moment much.
It's still inspiring to see what you guys are making though. My attention span is a little short at the moment and I need to sleep a lot so actual "me" time is not that common.

For those playing catch up.......

This little bean is the reason why! This was done 3 weeks ago and was dated at 13weeks. Which makes me 16 weeks tomorrow and my delivery date as the 21st May. Hoorah!

Things are getting slowly easier, I'm hoping the good hormones will kick in over the next few weeks so I can take on a bit of glow and have some energy back.

Once I get myself more together creatively I'll do a post worthy of knitting attention ;o). Mostly though I've been spinning here and there which I've found more therapeutic. I made some great fingerless mittens that lace up from my handspun which willbe gifted to my sister. Once I get the ribbon for them I'll photograph em and put em up.

And now it's bed time.....