Monday, July 31, 2006

Early arrivals

Sadly no not me :o(

BUT the Fed-ex guy dropped this off at the ungodly time of 8:30am this morning.

(yes it's a rubbish picture, my apologies)

Usually when you're told "before 12 noon", they arrive a little after 12 and waste your entire morning just because they can.

Now that box contains

Now this isn't the best view as I wouldn't have it facing outwards like that plus I intend to use the carrycot top to it for a while rather than the buggy top, but you get the general idea. I don't think you're all interested in the ins ans outs like me but I just had to show you thats all!!

However I've been told by Mum and one of my sisters that it's bad luck to unpack the pram. Well that's no fun is it? What do I do with a bloody great big box with baby booty in it and no willpower? I'm disgruntled.

Spooky thing is the fed-ex guy asked when my baby was due... and his wife is due a day after me. I guess it's not that spooky, but at 8:30 in the morning when my first cup of tea hasn't even been poured yet... well I thought it odd.

Ok, enough about babies- you're all thinking that I know ;o). I started a cross stitch last night- something I haven't done in a long time, mostly because it's hard on the eyes. The upside is though that it fits above the bump and not as hot to do.
I managed to do this much over a couple of hours last night

I think I got off to a fairly good start, though I didn't get to the exciting colours just yet. I think once I can focus properly and have surfed a few blogs I'll do a little bit more. It's not for me though. It's sort of a "borrowed" project. My sister does cross stitch and tapestry and is doing a series of these for her son's room. She still has a zebra and lion to do and as I was looking for something to do I offered to do the tiger and give it her back completed. I just hope she doesn't need it back really soon!

I still have builders merchants to wait for this morning. They said "first thing Monday morning" after cocking up friday and saturday delivery times... so we'll see if we actually get the ton of concreting sand and bags of cement for concreting our drive. The part where I'll begin to worry is when it's actually here and DB and my 2 nephews intend to do the concreting. I might go out just so I cannot spectate.

Now, where's that cup of tea....?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Back on the knitting trail

I have actually done some knitting for a change! Stupid though it may be in this weather, my desperation to knit prevailed.

This is a very simple cardigan called 'Callum' from Rowan Junior. I'm making it for my niece Bryony as a 'back to school' caridgan. It's meant to have a zip for ease of access and I've subbed the polar (lovely but not child friendly) for the KC Magnum Chunky which I got from blueadt. I actually like working with this yarn. It's soft for acrylic and machine washable which is great considering it's destination! I've done the back and left front- as pictured- and making a sleeve now. I've forgotten how I love 8mm needles for instant gratification!

Now this I'm super proud of and for so many reasons!

1) It's a BARGAIN!!! It is Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran which I've admired for so long, but lets face it it's a bit pricey! However, when I went to Knitchat on Tuesday lunchtime, the Beatties/House of Fraser sale was on and the yarn- that day!!- had been further reduced to 50% off! The lovely Rose said she'd got a perfect colour for me which had been ordered by mistake and so it really was fated wasn't it!

2) There may not have been the need to buy all 10 balls... but since the yardage is great for the pattern I'm doing, there will be enough to do a felted bag. How great is that?!

3) The pattern itself will be a challenge. Those girls from knitchat know that I may be a spring chicken knitter, but I'm always up for something more challenging to push my knitting skills.... except lace I'm still dipping my toes as far as that's concerned!
The pattern is "Saltwater" from RYC Classic Beach. As patterns go, I've not done much 'aran' knitting. I'd decided I liked them though so this is a perfect project... though it could take a while. The picture above is roughly a days worth of knitting spread over 2/3 days. In this heat I could only do about 6 rows of pattern at a time before a drink or more food was needed! But I'm pleased.
I attempted a picture of the yarn but the lighting doesn't do it justice at all and the little flecks of green and purple just really make it beautiful. I have to say I just love it, the slubby texture and everything. Though it does shed onto what you're wearing, but hey it's ok.
I would have had the picture uploaded for comparison, but it seems blogger is refusing to play again :o(

Unfortunately, the lacy rib cardigan I thought I was doing so well on with my Cashmerino DK has been to the frog pond. I was devastated at the stupid mistake I'd made when I'd taken it to knitchat... I'd cast off stitches for the armholes and forgotten to do the rest of the armhole shaping and just carried on knitting the back. I'd got to the casting off for the shoulders before realising I'd wasted 60 rows worth of lacy rib and of course it's a *!%&%"$£ to rip then pick up the stitches again so in sheer frustration it got competely recycled into balls. I still intend to use this gorgeous yarn, but not for the same project. Ho Hum.

Had blogger been a nice, you would also have non-knitting pictures of some garden but never mind. You've been saved.

Yesterday I had an egg craving. Weird huh? I've never managed to go through a box of 6 eggs by myself before, but I just couldn't help it. I had boiled egg on toast at brunch time, made fairy cakes (despite being only 2 of us and 22 cakes does seem excessive) and then had a fantastic spicy chicken omelet (spelling?) for tea.

I'm used to craving dairy and eating a zillion ice lollies by now, but eggs.... well whadya know?
Yup yesterday I seemed to be cooking for most of the day... and yet it was purely by choice and the will for food.
Later on in the evening I treated myself to a foot soak and a manicure. I'd have painted my toenails, but I couldn't manoeuver to do it. The time had definately come where I'm going to have to teach DB to paint toenails properly. Not sure how I feel about that.

On that note, I'm going to make another cup of tea and maybe knit a while, while comtemplating if it's too hot to venture outside today!
byeeeee x

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm still here!

Hi folks.

I've not deserted the land of blogging, just been more interested in reading up on other people's lives that actually writing anything about mine!

Well not a fantastic deal has gone on lately. The builder has been over the last few weeks and has finished his list of to-do's. My house still looks like a building site since there is dust managing to infiltrate the smallest of spaces and just seems a never ending cleaning crusade.

On the knitting front I should really be boasting many triumphs.... but no. I may be at home but the heat is really getting to me and I cannot knit. It pains me to say I've been doing a few square inches of tapestry a day when the need for craftiness has crept in and also making a little jewellery for myself and a few family members.
Not only does the knitting make my already hot achy hands even hotter and more achy, but the mid point space at which I held my needles at infront of me is no longer available.... so it's either squint at knitting in my lap and get neckache or hunch my shoulders up and knit pretty much infront of my face. The DB and his offspring have a lot to answer for if you ask me! ;o)

It's official now: I don't have to work again until February! The doctor decided it would be best for me to be resting rather that struggling to go into work for the duration to my maternity leave date which was 1st August. I've been finding it really difficult and even though I'm gutted i couldn't work to 36/38 weeks, our best interests are what matters eh?

And so..... 5 and a bit weeks to go to my due date which is 29th August.

I will try and post more often if only to show small triumphs- lets face it I'm not going to be miraculously making anything in this heat!

Many thanks to the well wishers- I'm actually sick of moaning but it's the only activity I have at the moment ;o)


Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm melting!

Is it me or is it just too hot? I know I'm biased being pregnant and all but it's really knocking me for six. I've been off work since tuesday dinnertime with a poorly tummy and I'm pretty much sick of the sight of my bathroom as it is since it's in the early (very early) stages of being decorated.

I have made some progress with the Pea Pod baby set though:

The picture quality isn't great (it's much more mustardy-yellow) but what you see is the fronts and back completed. I've really enjoyed knitting this so far. All the stitches are cast on for the fronts and back together and worked in one piece to the armholes. Then each is worked separately- less sewing up for me!!!
I just have the sleeves and neck ribbing to do so I'me well pleased, though you all know how I get with sleeves.... lets hope they knit up just as quickly!

The only problem I have had is wrist ache. I expected my fingers to get uncomfortable with it being so hot, but the combination of lots of stitches, cotton and straight needles meant my wrists have suffered. I think if I made this again I'd either use a circular needle or use a different yarn. I can't complain about DB Cotton Cashmere though- it's beautifully soft and machine washable- ideal for a kiddie.

I did promise a pic of the nursery didn't I? Well again it's not fabulous but it's basically what the paper/border looks like:

I really like it as is is neutral and fun at the same time.

I received my magnum chunky yarn from Blueadt yesterday. I reckon it's going to be better suited as a gift for one of my nieces so I'll look out for a nice pattern for birthday/christmas. I really like King Cole Magnum chunky as it's soft and yet ideal for children. I reckon I could probably sub it in Rowan's polar. Rowan polar is gorgeous- but the beautiful finish really doesn't last long! I expect I'll end up using lots of acrylic blends now that I have my own little one on the way... cheaper and more suitable! It doesn't mean I'll be neglecting my own needs however! ;o)

Well... I think I'll cast on a sleeve and see where that takes me.
You never know I might enjoy it!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Pleasure in a pod

I think I'm doing well for blogging this week!
Last night I started on a new baby pattern:

It's called the "Pea Pod Baby Set". I thought that even though it has a lacy panel it would still be ok for either a boy or girl? It is a free pattern which I got from a link posted up in my last comments. There's loads of patterns on there and I chose this and another plain hooded top.
After finding worthy patterns, of course I had to get some yarn.... so I ordered some DB Cotton Cashmere and Cashmerino DK in sky blue (shade 09).

I may hunt down a few more patterns today, but Annette is meeting me at KnitChat today and she'd bringing a few for me to look at. Thankyou!!! I haven't been to KnitChat for a while as moving into our new place has taken up so much time. I decided I needed a break today though as we've had a little bad news this morning.

Unfortunately our family dog Rags which lives with mum and dad will have to put to rest today :o( Rags had gotten to a fine age and it was cruel to try and patch her up just to hold on for a little while longer, so mum is taking her to the vets. I think if I'm out of the house it wont rest on my mind as much. Being hormonal is bad enough, but news like this really upset me this morning but I've had my tears and now I must get on with it.

On a better note, my garden is looking lovely and the nursery decoration is finished! I'm going to start bringing over all the baby stuff stashed at my mums soon and try and get some sorting done before the cotbed arrives in a few weeks. It's all really exciting for me now though I have 8 weeks left to my due date!

I hope all og you who've travelled to Woolfest have a great time (very jealous!) and I share comiserations with the rest of you who couldn't go like me!
Have a good weekend all!