Saturday, February 25, 2006

A long awaited update

Well hey folks...
I know it's taking me longer and longer to post lately isn't it!
I do have my reasons however.

Yesterday I had my first ultrasound scan and antenatal bloods done. I'm gonna be a mum.

Things have been so so hectic in the last few weeks and we've even got my DB's sis to stay with us for a while... never realised how much washing 9yr olds make!

On the knitting front tho...

* I finished the Teva Durham capelet from Loop-d-loop. I look 10 years younger and like little (pinky-)red riding hood! yes I'll eventually get around to posting pictures
*I'm still working on "urchin" from RYC classic beach... though while I'm usually finishing things in a few weeks I'm still only on the left front and done the back. I'm slipping! I reckon I'll do a sleeve before the right front tho as the sleeves are all ribbing and I may go a little stir crazy if i attempt them one after another.
*Baby knitting can now re-commence. I'd started a little card in 3-4ply (oh how many stitches) but then thought..."wait for the scan...". It's in a lovely limey-pistachio green and knit front-front to the armholes. All those teeny weeny stitches on one needle..... I never thought I'd need patience for an easy pattern!

In the meantime I have some stuff on order... as always. I've ordered some baby patterns and here is one of them.

I'd usually go for the traditional patterns... but since this was just soooo cute and the bootees and hat match I just had to have it. I wont be knitting it in red though! It also means I'll have to learn intarsia....
The patterns and yarn (shock horror gasp- acrylic!) are being ordered through a mial order catalogue my mum has.. I think it's Readicut Crafts. For some reason there aren't any baby patterns on the website so I can't show you what I've ordered. The faves I saw on the brochure though were:

*A baby blanket/hat/cardigan set
*A zip up suit (like a little grow bag for babies)
and other teeny weeny patterns, you know how it gets.

I wont go on and on about or at least I'll try ;o)

Hopefully I'll be going to Beatties Knit Chat today... I've missed out on the crochet workshop but a very nice lady also called Fiona said she'd teach me to crochet some time soon. Thanks!

Right enough news for now I'll be back soon.
Fi x

Monday, February 06, 2006

Doesn't time fly...

I know, I know!

It's been ages since my last post. Time seems to be really getting away from me lately and I just forget all about things 10 mins after I thought about them!

So... since last time....

The yarn diet is gone. Completely obliterated. And it's all your fault!

Its seeing all the beautiful things you all buy or get as presents and I think "I want that" or "Mmm thats a lovely colour.." So now I am the proud owner of several new seasons Rowan/RYC book and all sorts of things I just thought I "needed" at the time!

How am I supposed to resist new patterns and never touched but lusted after yarns?

So at the moment I've got a few things on the go. I have "Urchin" from RYC Classic Beach which is a 1/2 sleeve short cardi that I'm doing in All Seasons Cotton in 'framboise'. It's an unusual colour for me to pick but i felt I needed a change.

Also I'm making a capelet from Teva Durham's Loop-d-Loop book which is hooded. English spring is so crap that I thought it'd get some wear! And as it is knit on 20mm needles it won't take long. I've already done the flat knitted part and just waiting for some 20mm circs to come from ebay. Again it's a fresh choice and I'm making it in Big Wool "Tricky" to add a little colour into my ever becoming drab wardrobe.

Hmm... and theres a really tediously boring shrug I'm making but it's just a rectange sewn up fo the arms.... so knitting a really wide scarf basically on 4mm needles... but it's good tv knitting if I'm tired.

To be honest in the knitting drought I've not done any adventurous patterns but I'll work my way up again.

Right, gotta go to uni (groan) I'm doing a 6pm-9pm lecture series on a monday evening now which I just know I'm gonna hate.

Hope you're all well,

Love Fi x