Thursday, September 29, 2005

A lot of boo hoo..

Well hi folks

i'm sorry to say I probably wont be posting for a long while now... I'm moving away from where i live at the moment to live with my sister who doesn't have internet access- old uns heh- such technophobes!!

Of course my baby kitty and big kitty will be coming with me so they'll be able to ''comment'' on my knitting with either attacks or affection!

In such an emotional turmoil I reckon my tension could suffer so I may leave knitting until things settle. There's always tapestry though.... ;o)

I hope to be back soon

Luv Fi x

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A little on the strange side...

Your Brain's Pattern
Your mind is a multi dimensional wonderland, with many layers.You're the type that always has multiple streams of though going.And you can keep these thoughts going at any time.You're very likely to be engaged in deep thought - and deep conversation.

What Pattern is Your Brain?

Yup it's a strange one but I think quite effective. However I had to ignore colour preference and go for the pattern as you should.

Today has been a bit of a waste but a nice waste as I have managed to get lots of knitting done! :O) Mum wasn't well enough to be seen dinnertime after her op this morning so I'm off in a few minutes to say hi to her at the hospital with dad.

Well I'm back and she wasn't quite as well as I thought she'd be but I hope she'll pick up and be out tomorrow- I know how much she hates being away from her own home.
On the up side I did see 3 of my sisters tonight so thats always an occasion!
I'm about to settle in for 'Swordfish' and finish this sleeve! Once this one's finished I'll be onto the sewing/neck roll bit. It is actually quite nice sometimes to come back to a project after a while and see it in a whole different light. As all the things I have been doing of late are colour knitting or (attempted) lacy patterns- a bit of good 'ol stocking stitch works wonders!
I'll post it up when it's finished of course!

Happy Knitting everyone

Sunday, September 18, 2005

funky fair isle

Hullo folks

I've been swatching today for something i've been a bit intimidated about doing. Fair isle! After seeing
Tracy's poetic fair isle i decided that I'd bite the bullet. It's no where near the standard of her work, but something simple yet sweet.

And behold.... yes ignore the colours!...

The complete total of fair isle rows needed in a pattern called, funnily enough, "Fairly easy fair isle". Wonder why I picked that huh?! The pattern is from "Stitch and Bitch Nation". Now I couldn't get a proper picture off the net apart from one someone has taken of their own project to that pattern... so apologies but here it is: ?????
Any how i'm on the search for a suitable colourway so watch this space! I enjoyed the swatch and wasn't difficult. It's a little bit lumpy as I had to use different yarn types.

And for those interested in the FO details (sorry all the excitement got to me!) the pattern was "barra" from Rowan Classic Winter in 'twig' Soft Tweed

Currently I'm still knitting Pandora from Rowan 38 (w/o the stupid big wool bow!) and got as far as finishing the back and up to the armhole shaping on the front. I have enjoyed the difference in knitting techniques though I think I miss purling! It's all gtst/slip stitch. I never thought I'd miss purling- a new experience!

And so I'll leave you peeps with that to chew over and I'll get back to you as soon as I have a colourscheme thought out!


Saturday, September 17, 2005

Take my breath awaaaay....

Well hi guys!

I've actually got a FO for you!!!

It's taken a while (yonks actually) to do such a "quick knit" chunky pattern but blame the moss stitch and all-the-way-round rib band. Not me.

So while watching Top Gun (oh does Tom Cruise look fit in navy whites!) I finished the rib band and sewed in the ends :o)
And so... drumroll please....

Here's me raising a glass of Rose wine to a job done and looking remotely human at such a late hour!

And a standing picture... no i'm not cutting a cake I'm trying to take a picture with the webcam! So awkward but I managed eventually! I had to use a dpn to press the mouse button!!!

And so i've only got umpteen other WIPs but that the whole point of knitting I guess!!!

Since I have nothing else to report and no-one to show my cardi off to (Darling Fiance is asleep!) I shall retire myself me thinks!

Good night all xxx

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What a Rosy Day

Today has been a good day :)

1) Felted Rosy Kureyon Bag is finished

I've had to revert back to the chair posing and webcam method of taking a picture but at least a picture is here!

2) Had the afternoon off and went to the tuesday dinnertime editionof Knitchat :)
(Nothing beats having knitting and tea and cake and not being at work!!)

So thats it for now... nothing else to report really.

Have a good remainder of the week all

Monday, September 12, 2005

wishy washy

Hey folks!

Nothing really exciting.... just a late night post to say i've put my felted rose bag in the washing machine (yes its finally fixed- hurrah) and so i'll be able to see the Kureyon loveliness in the morning :) Yay!

I know I haven't posted much at all lately- soooo busy with fixing washing machines, moving departments at work and catching up with all of the family I haven't seen in ages! Needless to say the phone bill will be substantial!!!

So, before I depart for bed I just want to say I haven't forgotten the internet knitting community at all and shall hope to get back on track soon! And of course i shall post up some more charlie pics and of course the Kureyon Rose bag once it's had a couple of washes!

Now I have watched both Bridget Jones 1 & 2 back to back (what else is there to do but watch films on a monday evening??!) and sewn my bag I shall go and sleep to awaken afresh for another fine day at work.

Yeah right ;o)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Picture theft and scrummyness!

Hey campers!

I'm losing the plot. Really.
I have just tried for a solid 30 mins to sign in and blog but to no avail.... so I browsed the blogs I read and nosed in a few patterns... then when I signed in resignedly for the last time I realised I'd been signing in incorrectly (previous name, no blog) and no wonder I had no details or way to post. Duh!
**This is what you get for trying to blog before finishing your 1st cup of tea of the morning!** I think i'll go and make a pot !

And so.... I wonder what else I've lost the ability to do?! Well i cannot find my pictures to put up on here- theyre on the phone itself but the pc link cant find them or wont find them more's the point. So you have been saved from lots of new kitty pictures and when I went to the Sealife Centre on wednesday.

Yep you heard correctly- I have a new kitten! He's gorgeous and sweet and, at 8wks, extremely clever! His name is Charlie and I love him! It doesn't mean I dont love Pussycat any more- but I felt we needed extra companionship for her. Though if she stopped hissing and running away she'd realise he just wants to play and make friends. Instead it has taken her 3 days to come to me for a fuss and still refuses to sit in the same room as Charlie. Oh well.

Chris donated some pictures last night while I was sock knitting so I could show the world my new baby boy!

And here's the two boys together. Charlie and Chris are best buds atm...we'll see how long it lasts... he'll come back to me eventually ;o)

And so.... the knitting content is: Get Knitted

Reggie and I were chauffered down to Bristol yesterday to go the the Get Knitted open saturday. (No pics as I was too absorbed in the wonderful woollyness and coping with headache attacks) It was so hot in there when all the people started piling in... phew!
I really enjoyed it though and after fondling and sighing at the sheer range if stuff I bought...*drum roll*....

*5 balls Noro Kureyon for a felted bag
*3 balls of Adriafil Kid Mohair (fab substitute for KSH- same thickness and more yardage and cheaper!) for a Kiri shawl one day when i can knit lace without endless frogging
*1 skein of Artyarns Ultramerino sock yarn which was in the sale (bargain!!!) and is on the needles already ;o)
*2 bags of buttons for future use
*1 shawl/scarf thingamajig
*6.5mm Addi circ. for the felted bag

This could have been a whole lot worse- everything was gorgeous! Ask Reggie ;o)...This was so reserved for me but with starting back at uni soon I really should curb the knitting impulses as I have to work super duper hard this year what with the project and training and rubbish exams.

Also... I'm in the final stages of ribbing on 'Twiglet'/Barra so i'm hoping i'll have that done before the end of the day since it was my aim to finish that completely this week being off from work.
Plus the the back is compete on Pandora. Yay :)
I'll have to post pics when i've figured out the whole phone camera picture eating thing.

So in conclusion i've had a really good week off and probably spent a small fortune with looking at fished and big crabs, buying kitten and paraphenalia and going to Get Knitted. Ho Hum it's why I go to work after all!
Sympathy is welcome- I'm back at work tomorrow!