Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Whoo hoo!

Hey folks!

Yup.... it's been a while since the last post but since internet access is sparse I'm getting on when I can!
At the mo I've just finished lectures at uni for the day and I'm sat in the very crowded learning centre! I've bought some wool (shock horror- yeah right!) for a C*******s present for my lil niece Alex. Yup another cardi- like that'll be a surprise!

I saw the pattern in the latest issue of Simply Knitting. It's a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan/Cashmerino Aran thing with a hood and looked adorable! I'm a sucker for baby hoodies it has to be said!
Though being Debbie Bliss it didn't come cheap (!!) and I'll have to get cracking on with the fair-isle cardigan and scarf I've started.... oh why do I keep starting projects?!

I'd just got the WIP/UFO list down to a reasonable 5-10 when off I go again....!

It's not as if I have much time with Wolverhampton University giving more work than a spanish mule and having no PC internet ready being a right pain in the a***!

Ho Hum... while I'm abusing my free time and internet access for the knitting world I may as well put it to good use huh!

And so with the news.... still at mum's. Still very restless and becoming more like the hostile teenager I once was when living full time at home with very old-fashioned parents with no TV or music taste to speak of and wanting to know what I'm doing every minute of the bloody day.

Still... I managed to spend an obscene amount of money on Saturday on:

* GAP skirt and T-shirt from the sale,
* V.Expensive but DAMN GORGEOUS black leather knee-high boots with a small heel which I can actually walk in without creating disasters,
* Other stuff single girls are entitled to have.

So with my loverly boots I have conquered uni today and felt good about myself, attended the tuesday dinnertime knit chat meet (though project-less) and started the dreaded c*******s shopping.

Tonight I was going out, however as the estate agents from hell which are letting the flat I want didn't turn up (for a 2nd time) I have to go again tonight to make sure the flat is up to spec and get an idea of furniture etc. Very Exciting! I can't wait for me and my cats to live in harmony once more!

O.K. I haven't anything else. My life isn't spectacularly interesting atm as I have no webcam to tantalize you with my attempts at fair-isle or show you my red hair and happy face!

keep well everyone

Love Fi x

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Quick hello :o)

Hi folks!!!

I'm just taking advantage of my sister's internet access! Thought I'd just update you on what's going on and knitting progress(or lack of).

I'm at mum's at the moment despite swearing not to go back there! I love mum and dad sooo much BUT I am used to living fairly independently- apart from Sunday Lunch (which is a must of course!). We're getting along o.k. though she did pop to the caravan for a few days so i could see who i wanted to without her asking me a million questions, frowning or telling me i do have to go to work in the morning.... yes i know!!

She cares. She loves me. She drives me insane.

And so... I'm hoping to have a flat soon where my baby kitty and big kitty can live with me in nice peace and quiet and watch real tv and listen to rock music (instead of Foster and Allen and Emmerdale or Flog It!). I do get some meals cooked which is more than I can say for him who could only do oven chips. I'm not bitter and do not hate him at all but I'm glad to have re-found my inner self who doesn't do oven chips or oxtail soup.

The Knitting.
I confess. I haven't knitted this week apart from yesterday morning when i got my lone ball of cream DB Merino Chunky for the simplest fair-isle possible. The cardigan from Stitch and Bitch Nation (against a "Sound of Music" background) is going to be the launch of fair-isle learning. I have cast on for the fronts/back combination which is knitted in one piece to the yoke. The MC will be purple, and CCs cream, duck-egg and cerise. Not convinced? Well i liked it and if i get any knitting done this week or next week for that matter I'll try and get a picture here some way or another.

I have been doing a little tapestry instead as i can just follow the colours as i watch TV (if thats what you call it... mum has freeview and still watches the most boring of programs- frankly i'd be grateful for E4!)

Other than that I went to Merry Hill (a centre with a feast of shops in the west midlands for those who aren't locals) on the way to my sis's (conveniently about 15 mins walk away) and spoiled my self just a little. I went for nice trousers and maybe jeans... well with the amazing expanding butt I have atm it just wasn't possible without major trauma to the bank balance or admitting defeat and going for a next size up and baggy ass look. Hmm.

Instead I went to Lush. (yes everyone who knows me accepts I'm addict) I was however VERY restrained. I bought only some American Cream conditioner for my newy red hair which desperately needs dead end surgery and some Flying Fox shower gel which is prozac in a bottle mmmmmmmm. Sorry drifted a bit there.... oh and some Skinny Dip creamy wash stuff in a bar which is pure heaven without scantily clad angels and more manly and loin cloth.

I also bought a Ripcurl jumper which is very off the shoulder and sorta the unfinished thang going on. Mum will hate it. I LOVE it and am wearing as I type. Who said boarder wear cant be sexy as well as sassy?

If that drivel wasn't enough to show how uneventful my life has been since the big move out then I dont what will. I'll say thankyou now to my ex-boyfriend-come-best-friend-guy who's brought me to my senses and Greenday again. They're just fab. They make me happy and they were the only thing that got me to work on friday.

O.K. the head is empty of thoughts and drivel so i'll go stock up again and come back soon.

Happy Knitting everyone.... I'll get some done if university work doesn't pile up like a huge heap of dung again!

Love Fi x