Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What a busy month!

Hi there!

Sorry to you guys who think I've dropped off the end of the earth!!!!! I am preparing for my portfolio assessment and my interview. The interview for my job is monday (re-grade and contrsct update) and the assessment will be somewhere in the week starting 14th July. Meaning I have about 3 weeks to finish my folder that is about 2/3rds completed. Eeeeeeeek.

Enough about work.... it eats enough of my life already!

I'm a bit late posting this but....
Question 1: WWKIP day
On Saturday I knit at my mum's house. Not quite public but I had Seth and grocery shopping too! Oh how exciting my life is ;o)
I knit regularly at work so I guess that is public and I used to love going to a knit group but sadly I dont go now.
Weirdest place..... er.... well at a haematology seminar at Birmingham NEC is probably the strangest event. I knit in the bathroom when Seth is in the bath too which may be a little obsessive but it's rare I get time to knit in the day at home!

Also... I know several people tagged me for a questionnaire..... er I'll be honest and say I'm too tired and over worked to be bothered!!! Sorry. I think if something less comprehensive comes up I'll have a go ;o)

I'm on the right front of the Simply knitting cream caramel cardi... though I'm knitting it in Scotian silk in red that I got when I went to Ravelry day at The Crafty Cottage. I'm praying I'll have enough but if not I think it'll be when I do the ribbing on the cardi edges/neck so I'll maybe stripe it with another colour and do the same on the sleeve ribbing. Great thing about this cardi is that there are no sleeves to make as such, as the increases are built into the back and made in a sort of batwing affair. Hurrah! I'll post pics when I can.

Right, I'll try and keep up with the UK Swap questions and post weekly now, but doesn't time get away so quickly!!!

See ya for now, Fi x