Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blanket update only

Hi guys!

Just thought I'd give a knitting update.... no baby to introduce you to yet.

Here is what I have of the blanket so far. I only have 2 squares left to knit so it's nearly done. I took a small break from this due to ravelry corruption.... too many patterns inspire me to just carry on with a main project!
These pictures turned out a bit pinky.... the 'medium' red is more orange in real life so it does look uber-girly-fied here.

The colours are as follows: Gooseberry, custard (now discontinued I think), rooster, cornish, brighton rock, cherry (plus gooseberry again).

It's strange how the lighting makes things so different. The 'rooster' red looks all wrong here... you can see a slightly more accurate colour here.

Here is the 8 squares already sewn together.

I like the scheme but I guess it wont be very boyish.... I changed my mind a few times but who says boys can't have a blanket with pink on.... if it were blue a girl could still use it right? Ah well... maybe it's wishful thinking ;o)

Well there is a little bit of baby news, but it isn't mine! My friend from work phoned and told me she'd gone for her mid-trimester scan and she's having a girl... which means I can knit frilly pink things! That was the only downside to us not knowing. I have had to as plain and neutral as possible with things I have bought or made, but the surprise will be worth it.... when it gets here! I really liked this pattern that someone had knitted on on the ravlery 'babycakes' forum. I was going to wait and see what we have before knitting anything girly, but I have an excuse now and if we have a girl I can always make another! Hurrah!

Well, goodnight folks I'm going to stretch out on the bed and attempt to sleep!

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RooKnits said...

I think it is fabulous and any baby should be proud to be wrapped in it! Fingers crossed for the next few days.