Monday, June 08, 2009

knitting frenzy

Well I'm steaming along with my girlie projects for Ava. I started the Debbie Bliss Baby Bolero from Baby Cashmerino 2 in some sirdar calico. The calico is supposed to be DK but it's on the fine side and DB Baby Cashmerino is more sport weight than 4ply I've always thought so it's a pretty good substitute. The first size is 3-6 months so it's on the big side atm but since she's in 0-3 month clothes at 7 days old I doubt it will be too long before she will be able to wear it!

I started this on Saturday and did the back... Sunday I made a front and a sleeve and today the second front. Tomorrow maybe I'll get the second sleeve done and then be able to do the bands. I think the bands will take the longest :o( They have to be knitted separately and sewn on. To me that's even worse than picking up around the edge.

This was my progress at lunchtime. I've sewn the one side together before knitting the bands because the bands go from middle back up the front to the neck shaping before getting wider. The book says to sew the bands in before the sides and sleeve but I think that would be more confusing and harder to do the other sewing up later.

If you guys are wondering how I'm getting chance to knit.... well not only have I not been sleeping that well but also when Seth's playing he's quite accomodating and lets me knit. I'm sure when I'm back to normal I'll have less time but I grab the opportunity when I can. Also, with baby knits they work up so fast so the gratification is so much more!

Well I confess I've done something tonight I haven't done for about 10 months. I've had a drink. Not a lot though of course I'm a responsible mother and all... but I treated myself to a glass of Jacques fruit cider. I'm not breastfeeding so there is no danger of Ava being affected. With Dad doing the night feeding it's nice to be able to unwind. Or it would be if Seth hadn't decided he wanted to get out of bed 20 minutes ago so now we're all sitting on the bed while I blog.

Something tells me it wont be the relaxing night I'd hoped for!


RooKnits said...

Fab knitting - hope you get some sleep soon! Bet the cider was good!

Dawn said...

I can't imagine going 10 months without a drink, and I don't drink much! The bolero looks lovely, get the knitting in whilst you can!