Saturday, June 06, 2009

first project for Ava

Hi guys

I decided to make so very simple mittens for Ava since she has monster hands and all the scratch mittens are either too small or fall off. Nothing fancy mind:

I used koigu KPPPM on 3.25mm needles or any 4ply would do.

The pattern I made up was:

Cast on 32 stitches
8 rows k1 p1 rib
make an eyelet row: k2 yo k2tog across the row
20 rows stockinette
k2 k2tog across
k2tog across
k2tog across
fasten off
Sew side seam

The tie was made using a small crocheting hook and making a long chain.

.....or something to that effect.... ;o) of course this is easily adaptable by adding stitches at the beginning and rows to the length.

If I could have been bothered to use dpns of course I wouldn't have had to sew a seam!

And here's the cutie I made them for:

That's all folks for today x


Helen said...

Baby? You have a baby? Oh, she's gorgeous. So cute and yummy... and yes, I remember those big newborn hands.


Daisy said...

Gorgeous mittens and gorgeous daughter!

RooKnits said...

Beautiful mittens - and even more beautiful baby girl!