Friday, February 08, 2008

Topic 4: Valentines Day

Hi there!

Still trying to keep up with the blogging. I suppose being part of the swap is making me update it as much as I possibly can.

And so for this week: Topic 4 Valentines Day

I guess i've never had a spectacularly fabulous romantic valentines day! My DB and I generally get each other a card and a little something and this year I think we agreed to get a card and instead of the usual chocolates/teddy/random useless item we're going to have a meal together. Sounds simple, but with Seth our 17month son getting any peaceful mealtimes is quite rare! I think if we could get a sitter, we'd go out but I think a late dinner when Seth's in bed with a nice film etc will be just as nice.

I do remember when I lived with my last bf he never celebrated Valentines. He didn't even believe in buying a card. I know it's an over commercialised holiday but a small gesture is nice- No not even a box of chocolates!

Aah now for the weeks news....

I had my official letter from the university saying I had indeed finished my BSc Biomedical (Hons) degree course and I will graduate in may/june with a 2(i). Hurrah!

Dahlia hasn't gotten much further as I'm half way through the sewn bind off for the skirt. I'm half way because the sewn bind off is so long winded and takes forever and with 200 and sum odd stitches.... Yawn! Yesterday I tried to get it finished but I was poorly with D&V and didn't even have the strength to sit up straight. I spend the majority of the day asleep/throwing up/sat on the loo. Lovely. I feel much better today but still weak and green around the gills though.

I've managed to pick up a few things for my downstream SP but I can't mention what they are just in case she stumbles along my blog!

Ah well not much else to report. I've had a few scarf orders- my friend wants a red scarf with a yellow 'W' as a womble scarf! He's going as Orinoco to a 70's fancy dress and my Great Aunt would like another koigu lace scarf as I gave her one for christmas and she wears it all the time. It was just the fircone lace pattern out of stitch directory in several repeats and garter border. Nice effect though and was very pretty when finished. Must get on with some knitting then!



Dawn said...

congratulations on finishing your degree! We never celebrate Valentine's day. I'm not romantic at all. I run from girly films. I think I watched Love Story once, when I was a teenager, and was nearly sick!

Riggwelter said...

congratulations on finishing your degree!
I could pretty much copy Dawn's comment with regards to valentine's day.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't recommend listening to the WOmbles theme music too long while knitting the scarf. You may drop a few too many stitches that way. Oh no, now I have the melody stuck in my head!!!

Your mysteriously only slightly demented SP